Monday, October 29, 2012

Book Review: A Gentle Rain

A Gentle Rain by Deborah Smith

Kara is an affluent woman who, after a great loss, learns something rather shocking about her past. She sets out to explore her past and discovers an interesting cast of characters including ranch owner, Ben, who has a colorful past of his own. His brother and ranch hands are of various special needs and it turns out that a couple of the ranch hands play a special role in her life.

At times the book is predictable, and a little outrageous, but entertaining, non the less. I imagine this book being a really goof Lifetime movie... although, who am I to speak, I haven't watched the Lifetime channel in years. And when I say Lifetime movie I mean I can't see it on the big screen. But even so I couldn't put this book down. And in the end it left me with warm fuzzies... and who cares if I knew how it would end. Sometimes you just need to have a book like this.

Grade: B +

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