Monday, October 31, 2016

Clickin Moms meet up

Last spring I went on a photo walk put on by Clickin Moms. While there I met Chrissy Mazer, a local photographer who had just moved to Minnesota from Arizona. Since then, we've stayed connected through Facebook (and even met up to shoot at the zoo) and she invited me to be a part of a blog circle she is in with other Clickin Mom members. Recently, she organized a meet up with local photographers where she was able to provide some models for us to practice with. I love how she's trying to foster a photography community here in Minnesota.

We gathered at Loring Park and had a newly engaged couple and three teen friends for our models. I've been to Loring Park many times, but another photographer I know mentioned an alley that was nearby... and I totally get why he recommended it. I ended up spending most of my time with Angela, Erin, and Sarah so lets start with them... (and get ready to see a ton of pictures)

I always like these outtakes the best

I also love to get the behind the scenes - I'm much more a documentary photographer than a portrait photographer.

I didn't only take picture of these three... I took a few pictures of Jennifer and Matt as well. Jennifer and Matt are newly engaged and Jennifer is a night photographer.

It was great to meet all these people and take pictures of other people (rather than my kid, again). Best of all, I was able to connect with other like minded individuals (also check out Carla Mills Photography). I can't wait to do this again.