Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I have lots of dreams (that I remember). Many of them are quite weird, although I have my fair share of boring dreams. I often remember details... lots of details. My husband gets easily bored when I share all the details, but I am a little amazed that I remember so much. I thought I would share a recent dream I had that involved a couple people I work with.

 3/14/11 Dream

My husband and I moved to Kansas City, MO for my job. It appeared we were taking over a house from another employee and her husband who were moving back to MN. However, as the dream progressed it looked like they were going to stay with us a while before going back. We arrived at the back of the house which looked like it was built around 1920. It was a two story dark brick house with a concrete driveway, sidewalk and patio surrounded by green grass. On the stairs to the house and to the patio was a stainless steel gas grill. As we stood there my husband decided that we needed to redo the backyard and showed me a picture he Googled as we were standing there. It looked exactly like the backyard that was already there.

As we entered the house we noticed the inside looked more like a messy warehouse with a storefront window. We had sold all of our belongings thinking it would be easier to buy new ones in MO than to move them. Once we got there we discovered that another co-worker had left us a giant flat screen tv. We were ecstatic. I decided to write a thank you note and send it off to her. I scrounged around and found a large piece of cardboard shaped like a heart. And when I say large I mean it was about three feet across and two feet high. I started to write on it when I was called away. When I went back it was completed. The background was colored red and a big “Thank You” was written in the middle. I assumed it was my co-worker who was still living there that completed this. We sent it off and then decided to set up the TV. My co-worker and her husband had the tv across the street and were asking us if it was in a good spot. I couldn’t figure out why we were setting it up so far away when I noticed that it was a crappy, smaller, non-flat TV.In that case set it where ever you want.

We then went to bed which was slightly awkward since there were no walls in the house. We slept in a bed near the front window while our one year old daughter slept next to the bed on the ledge in front of the window. My co-worker and her husband went out to a movie, but appeared to come home before we were fully asleep as I recall hearing them come in and get settled in bed.

At some point we were attacked. I can’t remember exactly what happened (or why thins was happening), but I remember one of them commenting on my female sleeping co-worker. They left her and her husband alone, but came towards us. All of a sudden there was an army tank behind us that was shooting at the bad guys. Everything happened so fast. When it appeared that the danger was gone my husband and I got into the tank. He then tried to get frisky with me, but I had to remind him that there were like 8 military guys in the tank with us and nothing was going to happen! We then noticed that the bad guys were not gone. The tank suddenly shrunk down to a size that fit under a bed. I couldn’t figure out how I could still fit in the small tank, but there I was. As we were trying to be quiet we noticed a guy walking around the bed with a gun. He looked a little like this:

           Or this:               

Yes, that is Kenny Johnson from The Shield and Son's of Anarchy and the infamous Dolph Lundgren.

The End.

Yup, this is where the dream ended… I was stuck, shrunk inside a tank, under a bed in Kansas City, MO waiting for Kenny/Dolph to find me.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have been thinking about what I plan to write about next and figure I should give a little preview of the topics you may see posted as I find my voice. 

1. My Child. Since having the kid my life tends to revolve around her. I have even become that person. You know... I can't help but tell all sorts of stories about the cute things she does, I go out in public with baby food on my clothes and I don't care, and my Facebook picture has been nothing but her since she was born.

2. Photography. I am no expert and could learn a lot more (if I had the patience and the time), but I enjoy capturing the moment by taking pictures. I figure my pictures are good enough to share and hope you agree.

3. Dreams. As in the ones you have when you sleep. I am a prolific dreamer and will likely be sharing them. I have a love/hate relationship with dreams as at times they have been a bit ominous. But for the most part they are just odd. And I have toilet dreams. More to come on that.

4. Remodeling. I grew up with a dad who was a man of all trades. I was his little helper growing up and learned a number of skills to be self sufficient. I get a lot of satisfaction in being able to have a hand in making my vision come true. To be able to say "I did that". I also have to give a big shout out to all the people who have been willing to give me a hand during all these projects.

Helping my dad cut wood.

5. Adoption.  I'm adopted. I used to work at an adoption agency. I may or may not talk about this.

6. My Husband.  Whether he likes it or not I will be mentioning him. He is a huge part of my life so it would be a bit hard to leave him out.

BTW, he hates having his picture taken.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well it begins...

Not sure if I will be consistent with this blog thing or not, but thought I would give it a try. I don't read a ton of blogs, but have recently been inspired by some other blogs which I have found to be funny, insightful, touching, informative, and so on.

Who am I? I am a mother, wife, friend, employee... Mother certainly seems appropriate to come first even though most of my life I wasn't sure if I could ever see myself in that role. Now it rules every decision I make. I am in my late 30's, have been married for almost two years and have a 13 month old (as of today) daughter.

So vain

While I stated that I wasn't sure I could ever see myself as a mother I would now never change that I am one. Having stated that I also clearly know that I only want one child. For all of you who said I would change my mind once I had a baby you were wrong. Very wrong. Sure, there are times that I want to want to have another child... especially when I see my daughter playing with other kids with such delight. Then I remember she gets to play with other kids every day at daycare.

More to come...

My high tech kid