Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Book Review - Following Daisies

Following Daisies by Heather Pardon

Heather Pardon decides to sell her home, give up her job, and gets rid of most of her belonging to travel across Canada in an RV. Always a lover of large trucks, this adventure fulfilled many dreams of hers. She shares her journey of how she came upon the decision, the signs she looked for to confirm her path, and the stories she comes upon along the way.

It's a great story about finding the right path for your self...for learning to let go and take the road least traveled... about acquiring items based on need vs want... and about trying to live life to the fullest, among other things. So it might be surprising to learn that I almost didn't finish reading this book.

Heather attempts to be witty and engaging (and sometimes is), but it felt strained - like she was trying to hard. She likes daisies. A lot. She ends up using the word 'daisy' far too often, and 'Nanaimo Bar'. It didn't help that there were random grammar issues and misspellings. Plus, I read it on my iPad and the author's name or title of the book would be randomly placed in the middle of a sentence (I don't blame the author on this, but just found it to be a slight annoyance).

However cheesy her writing is, I decided to keep reading because she did have a good message to share, and perhaps one that I really needed to hear right now. No worries though; I don't plan on giving up everything to RV it across America. At least not yet.

Grade: C+

Books read since the beginning of 2012: 25

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