Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Come on spring and other random things...

Dear spring, please come soon. I am tired of winter and tired of all the yucky things that have happened lately. I'm just over it all and can't wait for the days of birds chirping, being able to walk outside without having to totally bundle up, feeling the sun on my face as opposed to viewing it from inside the house... just all those wonderful spring like things you can bring. I'll be anxiously waiting for you.

Speaking of yucky things, I thought I'd provide an update for those that read about my dad's emergency room visit - he's fine. Or, at least they couldn't figure out what the issue was. They are going to keep an eye on his pacemaker - something they do regardless of his chest pain. My dad thought the pain might be from shoveling and I hope he's right. I've suggested we have his neighbor plow, but he's always poo poo'd that one, but maybe next year he will consider it. If not, I might have to enact Operation Steal My Dad's Shovels and Snow-blower and Pay the Neighbor Behind his Back. My dad can be a stubborn one.

My family also had a terrible loss this past week when my cousin's Cessna plane went down in Wyoming. My cousin owned an aviation company in California and years ago was even a part of a search and rescue team for the USAF. He was on his way to see his dad in Wyoming (my uncle) when his plane went down in a canyon. It appeared that he survived the crash, but not the three days it took to find him. So tragic. I wasn't very close to him as we had quite an age difference and he always lived far away from me, but obviously it was still such a sad thing to find out. He will certainly be missed.

I've also been sick for over a week and am finally feeling like I am no longer in a fog. I can't wait for healthier days once we aren't always cooped up inside. It seems like Riley has had one continual runny nose since winter started and that appears to have finally stopped. Surely a good sign!

Ok, on to more positive news. We finally got Riley in for her 3 year wellness appointment at the end of February. I actually had it scheduled a couple days after her birthday (cause I like her stats to be as close to her birthday as possible) and was slightly crushed when the doctor office called to cancel. I had to deal with my accuracy issues and move forward on this one.

While taking Riley to the doctor to make sure she is healthy and developmentally on track is obviously an important reason to go what I really what to know is what percentage does her height and weight fall into. I mean seriously, aren't we all curious about this with our kids? So far she has consistently been tall (90th percentile) and skinny (15 - 25th percentile ) for her age. I assumed there would be a time that she'd probably average out with the height as I come from a family of fairly average heighted people and Jesse comes from a family of shorties.

We're those parents who let our kid put her grubby finger prints all over the windows

Well, it turns out her height has fallen into the more normal range as has her weight. I'm not sure the height is quite correct as it was hard to get her to stand in the right spot and when I measured her at home a week later she was a good half inch or more taller than the measurement at the doctor's office. Whatever, she's still taller than other three year olds we know (which isn't saying much as we don't really know that many kids her age).

At any rate here are the details:

Height: 37 3/4 inches (59%)
Weight: 31 lbs (52%)

I think the doctor was saying "your kid just amazes me" or something like that... I'm sure. :)

So the doctor appointment went well overall. We had a moment where the doctor was testing Riley on her colors, but Riley froze up and internally both Jesse and I were like "you KNOW this one, kid", but then she pulled through and rocked the rest of the questions. Phew.

And in the end what's most important is that she is healthy and on track... Now we just have to take care of those teeth

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