Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year we planned to go to a pumpkin patch as one of our Fall/Halloween activities, but it never happened so we picked up a couple pumpkins at Home Depot instead. I think Riley was just as excited and it was easier for us so it was a win. Everyone was also fine with carving only one of the pumpkins, and Riley loved that we made it into a princess pumpkin. We haven't had the best luck with pumpkins and squirrels the last few years (our neighborhood squirrels will take a pumpkin down in a few days), but Jesse tried a new spray this year and it totally worked. Unfortunately, the 30 minutes the pumpkin was left unprotected before the spray resulted in a fairly good gnawing by our outside creatures.

Ok, the spray must not have been perfect because princess is missing one of her eyes. Hmmm.

I'm Anna!

Riley's school doesn't necessarily celebrate Halloween, but did have a Fall Harvest Party where all the kids wore their costumes. They paraded around the school in the morning and the dance party was after nap time which meant that no one actually slept (we were told they were all abuzz on their cots).

Riley came home riled up, and looked tired. We just hoped this wouldn't equate to crabbiness later on. My in-laws came over and went trick or treating with Riley and I while Jesse handed out candy at home.

Performing songs for grandma and grandpa before we head out.

Our neighbors down the block go all out for Halloween. Above is only a small portion of the yard. They have friends over and hang out around a bonfire in the front yard. Riley is fine with this yard during the day, but when Halloween night come around she wants nothing to do it. However, this year she had no problem whatsoever. She even went up to the house that had the horrific sounding dog and that was a big 'no' last year. What was even nicer is that her tolerance allowed me to chit chat with the neighbors about Riley's school options next year They raved about one of the schools so I feel good about where we are likely going to send her.

There didn't seem to be a lot of houses handing out candy on our block this year so we went to the next block as well. A police officer pulled over as we were walking and started talking to us. He was very serious and we all (the adults, not Riley) commented later that we thought we were in trouble for something. However, the guy eventually asked Riley if she wanted more candy for her haul and produced a couple of suckers for her before he drove down towards the next group of kids.

Riley was also that kid that walked up and down each sidewalk while the other kids were running across lawns. At one house she rang the doorbell and took a step back to get out of the way of the door when some other kids ran up in front of her. She waited for her candy after them, but I feel like I will need to find ways to ensure that she is assertive in the future. I'm sure some of that will change in a couple years, but I don't want her to feel like she can't speak up for herself in situations like these.

Once we made the two block loop Riley was ready to head home. I think she was tired and maybe a little cold (although she was bundled up - She didn't seem to care that it was covering her costume, but to make sure I told her the coat seemed like a princess coat that Anna would wear in the snow when she was looking for her sister, Elsa. She was totally cool with that.) Of course, we had to trick or treat at our own house.

We let her have one piece of candy and watch a few more trick or treaters come to the door before bedtime. She willingly went upstairs to bed and was out fast. Overall, another successful Halloween.

I just hope she doesn't notice that I've eaten all her KitKats.

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