Sunday, January 4, 2015

End of year wrap up

I started this post several months ago - I was going to be so on top of my end of year round up and then I got sick (hey, still sick too... not joking... it's been 2.5 weeks). Anyway, I've decided to mostly document the year in pictures because it seems easier to do so. Plus, this past year was the year of photography for me. I've been interested in photography since I was a teen and made half-hearted attempts over the years to actually learn more about the craft, but this past year I dedicated more of myself to it and it feels like it's paying off... at least a little bit. I still have so much to learn and hope I see even more growth by the end of 2015.


I made my first flight in about 5 years for a girl's weekend in Colorado. It was weird to leave my family for so long and go on vacation without them, but it was a welcome get away.


Riley turned 4 and had a princess party. It was super small, but she was so happy with it.


We headed to southern MN to visit my birth family and I got to take a bunch of pictures with my new camera (there and around home).


My uncle Stanley passed away this month. He was my dad's younger brother and the first of the 5 siblings to pass away. Jesse and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by hanging out where we did when we first dated, I did a mini senior photo shoot for my nephew, Evan (and his brother, Quentin, joined in), we hung out with family at Easter, enjoyed the spring weather, and we just hung out at home.


We went to visit Jesse's brother and his family in Luxembourg! We also got to see Germany (and the base my dad was stationed at 60 years ago) and Belgium. This was Riley's first plane trip and a big one! She did great and keeps asking to travel again - she's requested Mexico as our next trip.


We celebrated Father's day, my niece and my nephew graduated, and I finally posted my adoption story after talking about doing so for about two years.


This month was filled with firsts: a trek to the Lanesboro/Preston/Harmony area, our first (and only) time we went to the beach this summer, and Riley's first school friend birthday party. Plus, we enjoyed the (mostly) beautiful weather we had this summer.


We partook in late summer activities such as the State Fair and the Renaissance Festival. Riley had a major dental procedure, enjoyed friend's birthday parties, and she had her first play date at our house. It was about this time that I realized she has a much bigger social life than I do.


When we discovered that my dad's oldest brother, Barney, only had months to live, my dad and I made plans with other family members to meet up in Wyoming to visit him. Riley started dance class, attended three more of her friend's birthday parties, and started in a new YBK (year before kindergarten) classroom.


Tis the time of the year for apple orchards, corn mazes and Halloween...


We celebrated Jesse's 40th, bought a new truck, I spent some time with my dad at the farm, I saw some of my birthday family, celebrated Thanksgiving and cut down our Christmas tree. Phew, busy month.


The year ended with a bang of health issues... my mother in law's cancer diagnosis, my virus that would not go away (and caused me to miss part of Christmas), and the death of my uncle Barney.

It's been a year with more than usual travel for me (hope to keep that up in 2015), and more than enough health issues and loss of loved ones (less of that in 2015, please). I'm looking forward to what 2015 has to bring especially as Riley gets older and starts Kindergarten. Here's looking forward to a happy and healthy 2015.


  1. Found your blog from a comment on mine! Love all your photo's, looks like you have a passion for photography as well! I plan to keep following. Happy New Year and Best wishes for a great 2015 from one MN Mom to another

    1. Welcome! I think I found your blog through a day in the life post or some other MN blogger. I noticed you were into photography too and had to follow! Thanks for stopping by.


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