Friday, January 6, 2017

Park quest

Well this post seems weirdly timed. I wrote it in November or something when it might have still been nice out (which is odd to say since... November, but we did have a profuse amount of warm days then), but I never posted. On the other hand, I think we may all enjoy a little peak back to those glory days of bare feet and short sleeves. For those of you not in Minnesota, it's freaking cold here right now. (Full disclosure: I haven't left the house today, but it's still remarkably cold).

At any rate, here is my post about our park quest...

I'm officially calling it for the year... we visited 19 of the 35 playgrounds in our city. I've lived here for years, but earlier this year someone else mentioned trying to visit many of our local parks. I didn't really think we would do so at the time they mentioned it, but one day when we were bored I suggested visiting a park from the park list we had...and a quest was born. Seeing we didn't start at the beginning of the playground season, I think we did a fairly good job of playing at 19  different parks (and a few of them we went to repeatedly because they are 'our' parks). I didn't take pictures at all of them, but here are a few from our adventures.

Aquila park

Dakota park

Oregon park

Parkview park

Louisiana Oaks park

Justad park

Minikahda Vista park

Jackley park

Bronx park

Rainbow park

Oak Hill park

Wolfe park

Fern Hill park

We also visited, but don't have pictures of, Center, Edgebrook, Sunshine, and Westwood Nature Center parks. And, our last park we visited this year (but I never blogged about) was Browndale park...

Browndale park

We met a friendly cat that lived right next to the park. I sorta, mighta, wanted to take him home.

And then I heard ducks, followed the sound and found this...

I can't wait for spring to come so we can continue on this adventure. We are over half way through our list so it will be no problem to finish next summer... and maybe even start over again.


  1. How come riley is always wearing tights in all the pictures even when she is wearing shorts she has tights on

    1. I noticed that she always has tights on as well there is not a moment when she has ever not had tights on that I have noticed at least . I mean each person can dress how they want but tights with shorts, dresses, or skirts is not a good idea. It's better to just wear panties under them like a big girl cause she ain't three she knows how to keep her skirt down if she don't want to be embarrassed .


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