Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well it begins...

Not sure if I will be consistent with this blog thing or not, but thought I would give it a try. I don't read a ton of blogs, but have recently been inspired by some other blogs which I have found to be funny, insightful, touching, informative, and so on.

Who am I? I am a mother, wife, friend, employee... Mother certainly seems appropriate to come first even though most of my life I wasn't sure if I could ever see myself in that role. Now it rules every decision I make. I am in my late 30's, have been married for almost two years and have a 13 month old (as of today) daughter.

So vain

While I stated that I wasn't sure I could ever see myself as a mother I would now never change that I am one. Having stated that I also clearly know that I only want one child. For all of you who said I would change my mind once I had a baby you were wrong. Very wrong. Sure, there are times that I want to want to have another child... especially when I see my daughter playing with other kids with such delight. Then I remember she gets to play with other kids every day at daycare.

More to come...

My high tech kid 

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