Thursday, September 8, 2011


It finally happened. Riley... pooped... in... the... tub... That's right... pooped. In some ways I am happy it happened, because if I took her out of the tub a moment earlier she may have pooped on me. When it happened a little chaos ensued since this hadn't happened to us before so we didn't know what to do. Get kid out of tub? Remove poop? What do you remove the poop with? In my attempt to go get something to help with the situation I heard something along the line of "Nooo! The duck hit the poop" bellow out of my husband from within the bathroom. Moments later I was walking back towards the bathroom to find our naked, wet child wandering the dining room. Jesse was apparently trying to keep all the bath toys away from the offending poop and our child. Once we put our heads together we were able to find something to remove said poo from the tub, clean up our kid and sanitize the tub. I know, I know... you're wondering where the pictures are, but you will just have to use your imaginations for this one.

I know I haven't posted in a bit, but life, as you know, gets a little busy sometimes. And people get sick. And really when I say 'people' I mean me. Sure my daughter got a little runny nose and Jesse has a bit of a sore throat, but I am always the one that gets hit the worst. I have recently learned that many families face this phenomenon... one parent is the healthy one and one is the sick one. Lucky me. I actually still have this cold as I type, but I am determined to get rid of this son of a b... oh, who am I kidding, I need to lay down.

So besides the poop incident and the cold we have done a few things somewhat worth noting. First, we finally tiled the back splash in the kitchen. We realize that there may be some fixes to it later (we have to install baseboard after the floor is in so we weren't able to tile to the floor near the stove).

Almost done... need to paint, put outlet cover on... and find a toaster oven that is younger than me. To be honest I really like this toaster oven and the attempts we've made to get a new one have been quite unsuccessful. One broke after a short use and the other repeatedly 'ticked' during cooking (so annoying). This one may not match and may be greatly outdated, but every time the bell on it dings my daughter says "dang!".

We were lucky to have grandma Suzie and grandpa Michael watch Riley while we tiled and they even ended up keeping her overnight. I think this is only the second time she spent the night away. Oh, what an odd feeling. In turn we had an exciting night of eating out and watching TV. What a life.

We also spent some time at our local Westwood Hills Nature Center. We mostly let Riley guide us as we walked around. She seemed to really enjoy all the dirt she was able to grub around in.

Speaking of grubbing in the dirt...

Here she is after finding some dirt in the driveway. Mixed with the snot running out of her nose she created a nice exfoliating mask. No wonder she has such a fabulous complexion.

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