Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yet another busy weekend

Saturday morning started with going over to my rental property to fix a running toilet. Unfortunately, I didn't quite fix it and will need to go back to do so, but I was able to get some weeds pulled and the lilac trees trimmed before I headed off to a birthday party.

My friend, Josie, has a daughter (Olivia) who turned 2 years old last week. She hosted a party at the Elm Creek Park Reserve. We'd never been there, but I heard it was a pretty fun park so we were looking forward to checking it out along with wishing Olivia a big happy birthday.We were prepared that there would be a surprise visit. Turns out it was Elmo!

Olivia and her grandma with her surprise visitor, Elmo!

Kisses from Elmo

Riley loves Elmo. Loves. But not this Elmo so much, and I don't blame her. Elmo is supposed to be small and have eye movement and he actually talk. This Elmo? He a did not talk and had a handler guy guiding him (or her) around. Riley saw right through this and wanted nothing to do with it.

Even Mommy Josie got some Elmo love.

Here is a segment of Josie's family. It just happens that I went to high school with a couple of her cousins, but didn't meet Josie until after I graduated. Small, small world.

Don't get too close to the fire Elmo! I bet you'd ignite in seconds flat. (Note handler guy in purple looking out for Elmo.)

Olivia and her family... and Elmo.

Holy crap this park was big. And this picture doesn't even show all of it.

On Sunday Riley got to stay with grandma Suzie when Jesse and I went to the farm with my dad to put the repaired pot belly stove back in. (We had everything except the foot railing which we'll replace later after it is fixed.) My dad decided to polish and paint the stove and 'fancy' it up by adding some metal tape. Such a Frank thing to do.

Check out that new interior.

P.D.Beckwith might be rolling in his grave if he saw that tape. *sigh*

In my last post about the stove I noted there were some dates I couldn't see in the picture I took of the crown. After closer inspection this time I was able to make out that they are multiple patent dates... all in the late 1800's.

When I was little my dad would cut down a tree and then have me pose with an axe or other sharp implement in front of it. Not a man to change his ways he suggested I stand in front of the stove with this piece of wood. He also got his turn, but unfortunately we only took a picture of him with his camera. BTW. Check out the tin ceiling and  walls.Can you imagine how much it would cost to do that these days. Yikes!

I had to take a picture of this clever idea. This spice rack is built into a window that no longer looks outside. An addition was built onto the house so the window looked into an unappealing storage room.Way to re-purpose space into something very useful.

So I don't want to infringe on our renter's privacy, but I couldn't help but take a picture of these dear heads which are hanging on the wall opposite their bed. I can't say that I would be ok waking up to this, but to each their own.

After the farm we went to grandma Suzie's to get Riley and ended up going out to dinner with grandma, grandpa Michael, and uncle Tayler.  Riley was in a fantastic mood and had us laughing throughout dinner. While we were at dinner we happened to notice a bald guy in an orange shirt at the next table. Jesse has a couple of orange shirts so I made a comment about it. A little later the orange shirt guy was up at the buffet when Jesse turned to Riley and asked her "where's your daddy?". She turned around and pointed right at the guy in the orange shirt. Thanks, Riley, for the laugh.

Riley's latest thing is to push a play highchair around the house (side note: my siblings and I played with this same highchair as children). I put some felt on the bottom, but you'd never know it as it's quite loud as it screeches across the floor. I decided to take some pictures to capture this as she probably spent almost an hour going back and forth... back and forth... back and forth...

Yeah, the pictures really don't quite capture what it was like in our house from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Watch this video about 50 times and you will get a better sense.

After Riley ate a good breakfast in her own highchair on Monday morning she proceeded to pick up where she left off the night before... pushing the play highchair back and forth...

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