Monday, November 21, 2011


I have really been slacking on taking pictures of my kid lately. I think that I went over a week... perhaps even two without a single picture. The horror! So I made up for it over a few hours this weekend. They might not be the best pictures, but they captured our day pretty well.

Riley was diagnosed with a double ear infection last Thursday. Jesse spent Friday buying her all sorts of gifts to help her feel better. Things she scored: two balloons, an elephant beanie baby, a huge container of blocks and a set of 8 bells. I can't imagine what he plans to get her for Christmas.

She was all about these bells.

Until she bonked her head with it.

But then quickly recovered once she had a bell in each hand.

She's also really been into play napping. Just put a blanket and pillow down and she wants us all to nap on the ground. Nighty night.

Creepy napping.

Chairs also provide endless entertainment for her now that she can get up and down on them.

Later we decided to take her outside after the first snow of the season.

She wasn't really having it. She did not want to stand on the snow. At all. Here Jesse tries to explain to her that the grass is still under the snow. We heard lots of "no"s out of her mouth.

Here she points to the park at the end of the block. Sorry kiddo, but the park won't be quite the same for awhile.

On a totally unrelated note I thought I'd talk about some of the dreams I've been having. I went through a bit of a dry spell, but have recently had some pretty interesting dreams which I'll write about later. In the mean time I thought I would share some snippets of dreams I had that I barely remember:

In this dream my husband, daughter and I eat outside at a restaurant. In the dream my daughter's name is Jennifer instead of Riley. I simply recall sitting there thinking "why did I let Jesse talk me into calling her Jennifer? It a perfectly good name, but not one I would ever choose for her." I had a general feeling of sadness that I let this happen.

In real life I work at a University. In this dream students sent the school pictures of themselves using damaged straws. They arrived in manila envelopes labeled "Required". This dream also included a co-worker giving me a laptop and me discovering that my tank top/sports bra was on backwards.In public.

This dream involved me taking Riley to a work picnic only to not have her there once I settled in. I was in someone's back yard and had to climb up a very steep and grassy area only to be met with a bunch of boulders I thought I would need to scale. Once I found a way around them I entered a skyway system in Tokyo or Thailand. I searched for Riley thinking I would easily find her blond hair in a sea of dark hair. But many turns later I only found lots of other blond little girls and was completely lost. What stands out about this is that Jesse also had a dream this night about Riley being lost. Scary.

There. Now that I got that off my chest... Happy Monday.

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