Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Riley!

Dear Riley,

Wow, what a difference 2 and 3 make. I know you have been 2 years old this entire past year, but so much has changed from your birthday last year: your language skills, your confidence, your ability to follow directions (when you want to). It is amazing to see you develop. You are like a little sponge - just taking everything in.

You are starting to say more and more things accurately which I am a little sad to see. Of course, I want your language skills to develop, but I love how you used to call an elephant "empaty" and how when you want someone to sit next to you you will say "sit for me". So demanding! Or when you want to be carried you ask if you can "carry you". By the way, you are getting a little big for that one... but I will miss that too.

Your love of food has narrowed. What happened? You used to love eating vegetables and now it seems to be an ongoing struggle. I feel like we have fallen into only offering you a few items because we know that you will eat it. This, we need to stop. You love tortilla's or "tor-ti-RA's" as you call them, and rice most of all. A carb girl, I see. I have that problem too these days.

Speaking of food, you even have your first chore of feeding the cat. Of course, you only do so when it pleases you, but when you are amenable to it you do it with gusto. You also love to help me cook and whenever you think I am cooking without you I hear you start yelling "chair, I want a chair!" so you can assist me at the kitchen counter.

You are still so spirited which sometimes baffles me since your dad and I are so mellow, but other times I see a timidness in you that reminds me you are my little girl. I love the cuddles I get during these times, but I want to make sure that you feel confident enough to try new things. I don't want that timidness to hold you back.

You sure love your grandparents and light up when they are around. In fact, you are generally happy around all people and although sometimes you are shy, other times you talk non stop. You seem to love daycare which comforts me since you spend so much time there. I love when I drop you off on Tuesdays and all the kids there yell out your name in excitement.

You are still blonder than blond and look so much like your daddy, but you do have my body and sometimes... sometimes I can see a touch of my nose in you. As far as that body? Be grateful for it, but know that you might struggle finding shirts that are long enough and pants that will stay up. Oh wait, we already struggle with this for you. Trust me when I say I know your pain, girl.

You still love the alphabet, singing, the outdoors, books, and to my chagrin... TV. You are in music class again this year and have embraced it even more than last year. I love how your face lights up while we are there. You love to play and you've gotten more and more into imaginative play. Just last week we went to the lake, the grocery store and the crocodile store in a matter of 10 minutes and all without leaving the house.

You are such a goof and love to do funny things like 'silly face'. You probably get that more from your daddy than me. It's one of the things I love about him and certainly love about you. Your silly face cracks me up every time.

It's been a pretty amazing year. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. And anytime you want to go to the crocodile store? I'm there.

Love you with all my heart,


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