Sunday, February 17, 2013


We have an awesome park near our house (Oak Hill) that includes multiple playground areas, shelters, walking paths, ball fields, a splash pad, picnic tables, and plenty of room to run around. We often walk there in the summer, but we've been meaning to check it out in the winter as it has some pretty cool things to do and see during the cold months as well. In the winter, it has an ice rink (including a warming house with a fireplace), a sledding hill and Christmas lights that stay on from November to March. The warming house was even pumping out music.

We've been meaning to take Riley there to walk around the trails, but it was either too cold or we simply forgot. Knowing that the lights wouldn't be on much longer we bundled up and headed out this weekend. At first she was pretty stressed out that we were in the car and kept asking to get out. Once she understood that we would get out of the car once at the park she calmed down... and once we got to the park she pretty much freaked out with excitement. "Lookatthoselights!Andthoselights!They'resopretty.Greenlights!Lookatthoselightsoverthere!"

And so on... It was so worth it to see the excitement in my kids eyes that we plan to check them out again next week. I just wish we went earlier.

Oh, to see life through the eyes of a child.

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