Friday, June 28, 2013


It feels like forever since I posted, but it also feels like nothing has been happening anyway. It turns out that there were actually quite a few things that happened. Might as well share...

Like, my bestie left the state. So sad. I finally got Joanna in the same city as me (which I did not take advantage of enough, dangit) and now she's living in Colorado. She's starting an Ayurveda program in August and I am so proud of her, but will seriously miss having her nearby. She's been on this track for the last few years where she's become a yoga instructor, learned Thai Massage, yoga therapy and now she's onto this.Glad she's following her dream.

We hung out a few nights before she left - so glad she was able to squeeze me in for one last visit. We've been friends since high school so I know this move won't cause out friend ship to waiver. I can't wait to visit her (girls weekend! family vacation!) and have a feeling that she might not ever move back. It's Colorado, guys!

I couple days after Joanna left we got hit with a storm. Heck, it was raining every day so Thursday's storm didn't seem like that big of a deal, but there were places nearby that lost their electricity that night. Friday night was the night that we really felt it.

It sort of snowballed right after I put Riley to bed at 7:30. The rain, the wind. OMG, the wind. Garbage cans flying down the alley, branches down. I got Jesse and we both exclaimed "holy crap!" as we looked out different windows (even after said to move to interior room. I should know better - my sister lost her house a few years ago to a tornado). Then the electricity went out, Riley started crying, and my sister called and left an urgent message to call (my dad was visiting her in Missouri so this freaked me out a bit). We brought Riley downstairs, grabbed some flashlights, and I attempted to call my sister, but discovered that my phone was now dead. Lame. Dead phone and no electricity to charge it. Super lame. Phone will constantly be charged from here on out (and then I'll totally forget to do this after a month).

Luckily, Jesse's phone was fully charged so I was able to call my sister back. Nothing horrific had happened to my dad. Turns out my sister and dad were following the storm on the news. My dad was a little worried that he might have lost electricity causing his sump pump to stop working and therefore flood his basement. They called my dad's house and the answering machine did not pick up thus solving the power out mystery. I agreed to stop at his house after work the next day (yes, I had to work on a Saturday) to make sure all was well. (It was ok - no electricity, no flooding, tons of branches down. Cleaned it up best I could, but even the neighbor said to leave some behind as he knows my dad likes to have projects to work on.)

Anyhoo, after the winds died down a little, but while the storm was still going fairly strong, my nutso husband decided go outside and stand relatively close to a questionable tree.

We had some drain tile installed  (and got rid of a super ugly gutter) and he wanted to make sure it was working right. We were a little worried it would have overflowed right next to the house and flooded our basement, but it really did its job. Plus, I think he just wanted to see it in action (the water drains out near the sidewalk, and even with this much rain all the water drained under ground.)

This week I decided I would have a date night with Riley. Actually, as I was leaving work I got a wicked craving for frozen yogurt so I tried to convince Jesse that we should pick up food and a frozen treat and go on a picnic! He thought it would be more fun to mow our two foot long grass (may be exaggerated for effect, but seriously it's hard to mow when it rains every day.) That's fine. Riley and I could go without him. It wasn't very well planned out (I envisioned us picking up food and going to a park), but it still worked out in the end.

We ate dinner at Panera (because it was the only place I could think of that had something she would eat, but seriously hate paying 5 bucks for a PB and J sammich). Then we stopped at Target for our frozen goodies. Riley wanted blueberry (she was quite insistent and excited about it) and I wasn't sure what to do when I couldn't find any blueberry. Can I buy raspberry and fool her? She wasn't buying it when I tried to grab a different flavored ice cream. Thankfully, I finally found some blueberry graham cracker frozen yogurt (and a little raspberry fudge chunk for myself).

We brought it home and shared some with her daddy on the front step. It was fun and I hope to do more of this over the summer, but I think next time I will have it more planned out. Perhaps, I'll already have a picnic packed and the wagon ready to go down to a local park. For those days that it doesn't rain, that is.

I'll finish up all this randomness with a conversation Riley and I had at bedtime last night:

Riley: Don't look at me.
Me: Why not
Riley: It's too weird.
Me. I like looking at you.
Riley: It's too weird and bad.

I can wait until she's a teenager...


  1. SO I'm just catchign up on all my blogs (ugh, Feedly drama) but I wanted to share that I got a pretty decent hand crank flashlight/radio/PHONE CHARGER from Amazon right before the storm and it really came in handy.

    I'm surprised I was on top of something like that but I was ordering a fire extinguisher and a CO monitor and then threw that in while I was at it :)

    Your friend's career path sounds dreamy...

  2. I will definitely have to check out the hand crank charger. I may rarely have to use it, but with a kid in the house it is better safe than sorry.


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