Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snow days

Like many in Minnesota we actually left the house to hang outside yesterday and today. Willingly. Yes, it's been ridiculously cold lately, but the last couple days have been in the 30's so it's felt like a heat wave.

Yesterday, we thought about making a snowman, but the snow was a bit too icy so we walked down the street to watch some kids play hockey. We ran into our neighbors, who have a daughter a year younger than Riley, on the warm up rink. We've avoided getting skates for Riley because we didn't think our timid girl would go for skating, but when she saw our almost 3 year old neighbor wearing them (and staying upright) she seemed really interested in them. She seemed to gain some confidence seeing another little person on the ice and she started running all around the ice on her boots which is not something she would do before. So we are now considering skates.

Sunday, we were going to go sledding, but discovered that the snow melted enough to make it good snow man making material.

But first, time to eat some snow.

Prepared with a carrot nose

We improvised with the material we had on hand and made a princess snowman, er, snowwoman. Specifically, Princess Lelani - according to Riley.

That's the makings of a crown on her head.

It was getting dark hence the graininess. 

I didn't get the final picture with her 'crown on, but this was essentially the end result. And honestly, Jesse did most of the work while I scavenged for items and took pictures and Riley ate snow... that we hope was white.

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