Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Random Summer Updates

Some random stuff from this summer so far...

~Conversation with Riley while she was sitting on the toilet recently...

Riley: (loses her balance). What if I fell in and got flushed down the toilet? I would be gone and you wouldn't have a child (said so matter of fact)

Uh, ok. It's interesting because I think she's getting the concept of death more. We don't talk about it a lot, but you know, Disney's always killing off people so I'm sure she's getting it from there.

~ We went to the beach last week. As usual, the summer feels like it is flying by and I realized that besides a brief visit to the splash pad the week before we hadn't been in water much. I noticed that West Medicine Lake beach opened at 9 am (lifeguards get there at 10:30) so I decided we'd head to the beach early. I was afraid it would be a little chilly that early, but it was the best decision ever. We had the entire beach to ourselves so one of us could plop down in the shade nearby if needed while still being right next to the water.

We brought Riley's sand toys and she settled right in having fun. She even walked way out in the water without holding my hand or freaking out. She's not the water embracing kind of kid so this felt pretty amazing. She did fall in the water once. She was just out of my reach, but I totally saw it coming. I didn't get to her fast enough so she ended up going under water (and proceeded to cry), but also recovered pretty fast. As we were leaving Jesse told her that next time he would help her dunk under water and then would throw her in the air. I don't think she really knows what he meant because she is now really excited to do that next time at the beach.

While we were there we saw a church ceremony take place at one of the pavilions. Apparently, it was also a birthday party and a baptism. After they had their ceremony they all headed to the water where 4 young girls and an adult man were fully dunked in the water for their baptism. The girls were all wearing the same matching pink dress, but apparently the adult man did not get this memo. It was right after they finished their baptisms that Riley fell into the water so anyone who might be concerned about us not baptizing our child can now be eased by the thought that she probably got a little second hand baptism there.

~ My dad's phone company recently upgraded him and gave him voice mail without telling him. My dad's not the voice mail type of guy and has an answering machine so it's just not needed. When you'd call him it would give you a message that his voice mail was not set up. So when I finally got a hold of him and explained this to him there was mass confusion on his part. My dad barely knows how to run the answering machine, or 'recorder box' as he calls it so I knew we needed to get voice mail off his phone. As I was trying to explain what was happening I realized that I needed to give him exact sentences that he needed to repeat to his phone company. He seemed to think that the phone company was somehow messing with his answering machine- "how did the phone company get into my recorder box?". I had to explain that the phone company had nothing to do with his answering machine and that his phone just didn't ring enough for it to pick up. It was pretty painful explaining all this, but my dad was able to successfully resolve the issue with the phone company. Technology and my dad just don't mix.

~ Speaking of phones, I'm not really a fan of smart phones... or my phone... or perhaps my phone carrier. I don't know. I got a lot of feedback suggesting that I get an iPhone, and I do think I would have liked that more than an Android, however, I don't think that's the big issue for me. I actually like Jesse's cheaper Android than mine. We got a great deal going with Virgin, but there's something to be said about working with a company that has store fronts. I recently downloaded some upgrade and it totally messed up my phone... constantly searching for wireless, but never connecting, battery draining in a few hours, usually only getting spotty 3G coverage at home with a quick 4G moment here and there. I called Virgin's support line and they appeared to fix the biggest issue, but then it went back to being screwed up within 20 minutes. I really wished I could have walked into a store and said "here, fix this". A few days later started working ok again, but there are still a couple things that aren't quite right. I like having occasional internet access when out and about, but I think I would have been fine without it too. Of course, I doubt I could actually go back to not having a smart phone, but a little bummed with what I ended up with. Still, I just can't justify an iPhone at this time. Perhaps I take after my dad a little bit and don't mix well with technology.

~ We successfully saw a movie in the theater with Riley. Jesse tried to take her when Planes came out, but when the previews included dinosaurs and bears it was all over. She lost it and they had to leave. Months later we decided to rent Planes for movie night and the first thing out of Riley's mouth was "are there going to be dinosaurs and bears". Haha. No, kiddo, there will not be. So Planes: Fire and Rescue just came out and we decided to try a movie again. Jesse actually asked the movie attendant what previews there were and it sounded like we would be safe. I mean it's been over a year so I just hoped it would be a completely different experience. There were only two families in the theater (one being us) and we happened to sit right next to each other (kinda weird). Riley did great, although she got a little antsy at some point and got up and walked around... and even once asked to play with my phone (a new thing she discovered) to which I said "no". All in all a successful outing and excited that it's another activity we can add to the list for the future.

~ Also, caught this princess checking herself out.

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