Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunday Funday

This past weekend felt super busy - partly because I had to work 9 - 3 on Saturday. Remind me to take off all full moon days from work... especially super moons. It was crazy, but I got through it and was looking forward to enjoying my one full weekend day off of work.

Sunday was actually a day packed with activities. First, we had a birthday party in the morning. Pretty genius to have a party from 9:30 - 11:00. Why have I never thought of this? Riley was invited to her first birthday party by a school friend, Amelia, and was beyond delighted. It was held at a park near our house that has a splash pad and playground and we were even able to walk there. There were three other friends from school there, but Riley was still a little shy when we first arrived and refused to play 'pin the horn on the unicorn', but as usual she finally warmed up and seemed to really have a good time. 

Jesse making sure that  no one, besides the unicorn, gets hit.


Jesse and I are a couple of introverts so while I was excited about taking Riley to this party, I was less excited about having to make small talk. Turns out that the one parent I spoke to the most (the birthday girl's dad) was the one name I can't remember. Amelia and her family moved here from Australia last year so it was interesting to talk about the differences in child care and kid's activities. Apparently, there are a lot more options here. 

After food (wheat and dairy free) and games, the kids ran over and played at the splash pad which Riley is not a fan of. I think most kids ran freely over there without their parents, but we joined our kid because we knew she'd need a little support. Luckily, when she saw her friends running around she opened up a little bit and seemed to have a lot of fun. Hopefully, this means that we can have successful trips without her friends there (also a win this weekend is that Jesse took Riley to a pool on Saturday and she loved it).

Riley gave Amelia her present - a Sophia book (which Riley was super excited about because princesses and books are her life), and then she hopped in the wagon for the ride home. 

After eating lunch at home Riley and I headed to my dad's while Jesse stayed behind to do some yard work. We went to the Hamel Parade last year and Riley cried through about half of it because there were a ton of super loud fire trucks. Leading up to this year's parade she went back and forth about wanting to go, but finally said yes when she remembered that they threw copious amounts of candy at you. So armed with headphones and the Frozen soundtrack on my phone we headed over to papa Frank's house.

Dad and the neighbor

Armed with her headphones

Initially, Riley just wanted the headphones on without music, but after the first loud noise she started crying. I hooked her up to the Frozen soundtrack and things improved drastically after that. She was still freaked out, but just ran back to her blanket without getting teary eyed. Baby steps.

Favorite part of the parade

Picking up candy while trying to hold onto my phone tucked into her waist band. She totally looked like a little old lady here.

With the parade over we headed back to my dad's house. I brought some sidewalk chalk and bubbles with to keep Riley entertained while dad and I hung out. The neighbors across the street were having a gathering and invited Riley over to play in the bounce house. Such an exciting day for this kid and so well behaved all day.

I was beat so I called Jesse and told him to be ready to go out to eat. I couldn't even fathom making food for myself so this was a good excuse to go out. I thought Riley would be super crabby with no rest time, a day full of activities, and candy, candy candy... but she was really great. She declared the candy haul from the parade to be her favorite part of the day. Now if we could just find a silent parade.

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