Sunday, August 17, 2014

This weekend...

Jesse and I were child free for a bit this weekend so we took a long bike ride (for me) from our house, around lake of the Isles, and back home and then decided to head back (by car) for a little picnic (we also did a bunch of work on my rental property with the help of my dad - he totally rocks for always being there for us). It was a little buggy and hot, but I took a few pictures while we were at Lake of the Isles and plan to go back more often. It's been years since I've spent time in this area and yet it's only a few miles from my house.

I crouched down to get this shot, and smelled... urine. Turned around to find a wet spot right behind me. Gross.

On Sunday we headed out to Shakopee for Jesse's family picnic. Last year Jesse was gone for this event, but I went with Riley and she had the most epic breakdown when we left. This year she fell on the playground and would not stop crying. So yet again, I left with a screaming kid. Both times I think lack of sleep was a culprit, but she's been tired plenty of times without totally losing it so, yeah... we'll try again next year.

I always wonder if people are irritated by me taking pictures - haha - it sure looks like they don't like it here. 

Cool contraption that you blow up, add ice, and then put your food in. So clever.

Thankfully, Riley seemed to reset even though she only slept for about 10 minutes in the car. It was a good weekend overall even with moments of exhaustion (not just on Riley's part). Now we head into a week where we finally have to bring Riley to the hospital to have her dental work done (we've been trying to avoid this if possible). Jesse and I are a little nervous as she needs to have anesthesia, but she's excited that she gets to wear her pajamas to the 'dentist appointment'. Please wish us luck that she doesn't freak out while there. I just want to deal with these dental issues (and not have her look like jaws in the end since there are a lot of crowns happening). She's such an awesome kid and I feel bad that I gave her crappy genes, but I know we'll get past this - like everything else.


  1. Love the pics. What camera do you use out of curiosity?

    1. Thanks! I have a Nikon D7100. These were all taken with a 35mm lens and in raw format (and then slightly edited).


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