Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Shenanigans

Last weekend started with one commitment and then grew to two... and then to three and that's when the weekend started to sound less fun. I love summer, especially the weekends, but all the activities can add up fast. I felt bad that we cancelled the one thing that I initially thought we really should have gone to - a 50th anniversary party for Jesse's aunt and uncle, but we'll be seeing that same family at a large picnic this upcoming weekend so I guess we can pass on our congratulations then. What we did do, is have a play date with some of Riley's school friends, go to a party to see my nephew and his wife who were in town, and on Sunday we just had fun as a family.

A couple weeks ago Riley and a few of her friends at school all wore dresses on the same day. This somehow led to them to determine that they needed to have a play date. They mentioned it to Jesse when he came to pick Riley up and Riley proceeded to mention it over and over for the next week. Jesse finally put together an invite and we had our first official play date with a few of her friends.

I felt bad that we didn't invite more of her friends, but this was really the perfect amount of girls: Riley, three of her friends from school, and a sister. We told parents they could stay or drop their girls off - one left, but the others stayed. One happened to be a woman who used to work at my company and rode my bus (and later at my nephew's party I would see another former co-worker - either it's a small world or my company is bigger than I think it is). Jesse was a little bummed there weren't any dad's that came over and I sort of was too, but it all worked out.

I will say, though, that since Jesse and I are introverts having to host a number of strangers can be slightly painful. We aren't small talk people so initial conversations often feel awkward and exhausting. My close friends can tell you that I have no problem carrying on a conversation, but it's these introductory conversations that are just darn hard for me. And because I was the mom and only other moms showed up most of the conversing fell on me.

Luckily, one of the women was a talker and really helped keep the conversation going. I felt a little lost at times because as one of the hosts I often had to get up and attend to snacks or kids stuff, but for the most part this was one of the least painful small talk conversations I've had so I'll call that a win for the adult side of this party.

As for the girls? They had a blast. There was a lot of excited screeching that I'm sure my neighbors were just loving, and there were no tears - which to me is a huge win when you get 5 overly excited girls together. They seemed a little bummed when the party ended, but with promises of another play date on the horizon their thoughts seemed to leap to what they would do when then next gathered as a group. Even the adults agreed that we should get the girls together and even talked dates. 

Later that day we went to my sister's house for a family gathering. Her son, Michael, is in the Navy and stationed in San Diego and he and his wife were in town visiting.

My chalice for the evening

Riley takes a 'rest' every afternoon even if she doesn't nap, but this day she was so wound up that I think she was still bouncing off the walls during rest time. So it didn't surprise me that she complained of being tired while at Michael's party. She got a little crabby, but we sent her outside to play with her cousins (who are actually her second cousins) and a little game of bags and she was back to her happy self.

Her cousin, Jackson, was just her speed. She usually loves getting a little wild with some of her other cousins, but she needed a mellower friend this night. We don't get to see this guy too often, but we should make it a priority to do so.

Hi Michael! I barely got to say more than a couple sentences to you, but it was good to see you!

Around 6:30 Riley announced that she wanted to home to bed. She was done and wouldn't even say goodbye to anyone. Basically, walked out the door and wouldn't come back. It's been awhile since she was so adamant about going to sleep.

The next day was when we were supposed to go to the 50th wedding anniversary. Instead, Riley announced on Saturday night that she wanted to go to the "rainbow park" in the morning so I suggested we also check out the splash pad which is nearby and then have a picnic. She was quite excited, but I think Jesse had plans of hanging out at home doing stuff around the house. I kind of 'sad faced' him into joining us and was grateful I did because hauling a 4 year old, towels, a change of clothes, and a cooler in a wagon might have been too much for me... plus we enjoyed his company.

Looks like a sad selection of food, but was actually really good

She had to check out if the tree trunk had a carving like the "Giving Tree" book.

We went back home and enjoyed the rest of our wonderful, lazy Sunday.

Just the three of us


  1. Ha! Okay. I have been struggling with the etiquette of managing to plan a "school friend" play date because Gus has been begging to have his daycare friends over. For like 6 months. But I have never done this before,and am also an introvert, so organizing it just stresses me out. Like, I just want to say, "Drop your kid off, don't stay, I will watch them and feed them and they will have fun for a few hours, then you can pick him up and he will be happy and tired."

    But is this rude? I don't want to have a play date myself, with someone I am not friends with. It's just for the kids! I feel like this is a weird 21st century thing that is a result of helicopter parenting or something.

    I say all this on the cusp of an evening I have been dreading for a while... pool party with the daycare kids and parents at daycare lady's house. Ahhhhhh. And my husband is traveling for work so I get to do it all by myself. Also swimming is something usually only the dads do at this end of summer party, but now my kids have no dad, and Gus has reminded me multiple times not to forget my swimsuit. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    1. I wrote a long comment the other day and now I see it's not here. Gah! Anyhoo, I hope the pool party went ok. The thought of having to do something like that without the hubby just makes me sweat. Jesse is really why our play date went as well as it did - because I knew I had him there to participate in some of the conversation. Otherwise, it was totally weird and awkward, but I survived.

      I realized that the other mom's must have also been somewhat nervous about coming over as one of the mom's brought her husband's ex-wife with her.


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