Sunday, October 5, 2014

Apple Orchard fun

I'm not a huge fan of fall (which I'm sure I've mentioned before), mostly because it means winter is right around the corner, but I love fall activities like apple and pumpkin orchards, and corn mazes. This past weekend we decided to hit up Minnetonka Orchards. We went there a few years ago and really liked it so we decided to head back there this year. Riley initially didn't want to go once she heard there would be animals there, but agreed when we said we wouldn't make her get close to them. I even showed her some pictures from a few years ago and after that she basically planned out what she wanted to do while there. 

We arrived just before lunch on a slightly chilly Saturday. I was a little worried that we might have gotten a late start, but we were able to park right up front. There were plenty of people there without it feeling too crowded. It was just the right amount of crowd for me.

First stop was the hay bale hill. Riley climbed to the top, gave a victory fist pump and then was good and came right down. Apparently, she was checking it off the list. Haha. Actually, she did go up a little later in our visit, but again it was a pretty fast up and then down. Girl does not like the instability she feels in these situations.

Had to include the picture above just because. I don't recall taking the picture or why Jesse would be making that face. Ha. That's my sweetie.

Last time we were here she didn't want to climb the hay bale or ride the train, but this time she was all about the train. It even went through a tunnel and she loves tunnels. The orchard costs $7 each (unless you are 3 and under), but they give you a couple tickets that you can use for the train ride, the airplane ride (same concept as the train, but each car looks like an airplane) or face painting.

I took some pictures of the animals while Riley kept a safe distance, running up the hay bale for the second time. Last time they had llamas, but this year it was just a few goats, 1 sheep, 1 calf, and a couple bunnies... oh, and a miniature horse that provided a cart ride.

So glad we found this height thing this year. I always see pictures of people's kids in front of these things I think "I want this too", but somehow always miss it. Would have been fun to have a yearly shot of this. Oh well.

Moments before the picture above was taken and just before the hayride started moving Jesse was playing with his wedding ring and it flew off the wagon. GAH! He quickly jumped over the edge, picked up the ring, and made it make back in right before we started moving. Phew! Also, thanks to the guy who offered to take our picture.

The last time we were here we walked a short way up the road, got our bag for picking apples, we picked our apples and walked back down. So glad we went on the hay ride this time because it took us to the top of the hill where there was a store, music, and more food. I would have been fine eating here, but Jesse really wanted to go to Christos after. Otherwise, we probably would have sat down and listened to music here. Instead we hopped back on the wagon and rode through the woods where there were some other surprises hiding amongst the trees.

Jesse grumbled a little about the cost of entrance for the orchard, but said it was all worth it to see this pterodactyl. I just loved the hayride in general.

Riley loved this place (we even ran into an old friend from daycare) and had a hard time when we said it was time to leave. We checked out everything, but the corn maze (we plan to check out Severs for that in the next couple weeks) and will definitely be back in the future.

Later that day Riley and I made apple crisp. We still have enough apples to probably make another 8 or so apple crisps which would be ok with Jesse since it's one of his favorite things ever.

Now we are looking forward to next weekend... corn maze, or pumpkin patch? If only we could slow down this season a little more (dislike already seeing Christmas stuff at the store - even Riley asked why Christmas stuff was out already).

Now off to eat an apple or two...

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