Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sever's Corn Maze 2014

After introducing Riley to Sever's Corn Maze last year I knew we HAD to do this again. So many activities (corn maze, corn pit, jumping air pillows, hay bale maze, animals, pig races, food, and so much more!) Her favorite? The corn pit! (Hey, I love the corn pit too!) We headed out on a beautiful fall day (started crisp, but warmed right up) and tried to get as much out of Sever's as we could.

After paying for our tickets we were met with "I want to do the corn pit first!", then "I want to play on the train first!", and "I want to jump on those things first!". We were able to convince Riley to eat a little something (corn on the cob was fantastic) and then let her run off to the train. Jesse went with her while I finished my food, but they were already on to the next thing by the time I was done.

Last year Riley found these air filled pillows a little intimidating. They separate the kids so the younger kids are on one and the bigger ones on another, but this didn't really help last year. This year Jesse brought Riley over to the bigger kid's one and I was about to yell at him when I realized that based on height Riley had to be on that one. This year she was fine, but insisted that Jesse jump with her. One day she will trust that she can do this stuff on her own.

I may or may not have removed some lights and a tree from the picture above. I'll never tell... you'll just have to go to Sever's yourself to see.

Next up was the corn pit. As usual, this was a highlight of this visit. It was pretty packed, but there was plenty of room to find a spot of our own. Riley wanted one of us to jump in with her so I was willing to oblige. 

I didn't realize it at the time, but when I saw this picture later I realized that there were a number of 'downed' parents waiting to be covered in corn.

Excited to be jumping into the corn

Not so excited to be leaving the corn pit.

After the corn pit we told Riley that we would be going to the corn maze. I mean, that's why people come here, right? This year it was shaped like a train and Jesse and I were excited to check it out (when we came here pre-kid it involved exploring the corn maze and eating some corn on the cob. I lol now at how much more this place is than the maze). However, Riley wanted nothing to do with the maze and pulled a little public attitude. Luckily, we convinced her to walk over the bridge where she really noticed the hay bale maze and the corn maze... and was game for both.

Note to self: when taking a shadow selfie you might want to move your purse so it doesn't look like you have a huge bedonkadonk. Lol.

So once we were done with the hay bale maze we checked out the corn maze. Riley suddenly became very interested when she discovered that we had to find signs with letters and trains on them. We only decided to do about 6 letters, but the goal is to find the 6 out of the entire alphabet that have the train picture on them. If you do find them, you can enter a drawing to win $500 or something like that. 

Before we left the house I asked my bald husband if he wanted to bring sunscreen or a hat for the sun. He scoffed at me as if it was a silly suggestion. I think he forgets the power of the 50 degree day sun, but once we entered the corn maze he was all "I wish I had something to cover my head". I gave him my hat and we had a little laugh at how small it was on his head and then he gave me this high fashion pose below (while Riley is all "what's going on here? I don't get why you guys are giggling"). 

After a little exploration we decided to head back out because there was still much to do before we headed for home. 

But one more corn picture.

The child guides us out of the maze.

After the corn maze, Jesse and Riley went down the big slide and I took pictures, but I thought I would hold back and not show every picture I took while there. Haha... and we're only about half way through with the pictures too.

Stopped for a quick play at the Rainbow playground

And then we were off to play on the old firetruck. I thought Riley would run right past this (because she knows these things to make noise), but she totally wanted to play on it and waited patently to sit in the driver's seat (the little boy who was in the cab before her told his dad it was 'epic').

Oh, I forgot to mention that somewhere in all of this we stopped for kettle corn. Anyhoo, as Riley was sitting on the firetruck I though there was some nice light along with the color of the truck and the corn in back. I took an initial picture to test my settings and then waited for Riley to stop chewing. Apparently, Jesse thought this was funny and decided to mock me (or maybe he was mocking Riley) and stepped right in front of the camera doing this...

That guy's a nut and makes me laugh so much.

After Jesse was done making fun of me, we walked past the pony rides and right into the animal tent. This is always a big maybe with my kid, but she actually did ok.

Last year I got a cool picture of the Llama, but he wasn't playing this year so instead this camel and I became friends. Hi Cam!

Oy, this guy made me sooooo sad. Total dead eyes. Riley even caught on to it and said something. Finally, he seemed to come alive, but I always feel a sense of guilt when we go to see caged animals. I hope he was just 'in the zone'.

Finally, we decided it was time to go. It was quite crowded by this time so I was totally fine with leaving. We packed in so many activities and didn't even get to do/see them all. Of course, on the way out we had to take pictures with a tractor and all the thingy's you stick your head through... you know what I'm talking about, right?

This is when Jesse insisted on taking over the camera as he didn't want to be in any pictures. Apparently, he was totally cool with glamming it up in front of the camera earlier, but was over it now.

I'm this tall.

There were probably about 4 more of these things, but you get the idea. Actually, Jesse did agree to be in one of the pictures so I asked Riley to take the following picture with my point and shoot. I think she did a fantastic job and even got a few comments from people passing by. 

And there's my goofball husband again.

So there you have it... another year at Sever's and another fall activity down. Next up? Pumpkins and Halloween!

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