Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Project 52 - Puddle Jumping - Week 10


The weather the past few days has been fantastic. It feels like winter has broken and spring is moving in. I'm ready to get out the lawn furniture, but know better than to think we won't have any more snow this season. It will come, but it will also melt fast - that I know.

This past weekend was daylight saving time and Jesse and I actually had the transition to ourselves while Riley had a grand old time at her grandparents. Jesse and I went to the camera store to pick up some film. Yup, I got film for a couple old camera's of mine and hope to play around with that (more to come, but it hasn't started out easy). We also went on a long walk and then went to a newer restaurant, Bonefish, that we've been meaning to check out. We've actually avoided it because it looked a little spendy and there were no prices on the online menu, but turns out the prices are fairly reasonable. We had a good dinner and got to sit next to the most stylish 80 something year olds I've ever met. One lady with her stars and stripes scarf and jeweled star earrings and the other with her super large gold hoop earrings (it may sound tacky, but these ladies really pulled it off)... and me in my ill fitting jeans with no makeup and a need to wash my hair. Lol. Maybe I will re-invent myself when I am 80 too. These ladies (and the gentleman they were with) put me to shame, for sure. Anyway, Jesse and I had a lovely night together and ended it with a couple episodes of Game of Thrones. It's always nice to get some alone time with the hubby.

The next day, after we met my in-laws for lunch at Snuffy's Malt Shop and Riley got a nap, we went on a puddle jumping adventure. Amazing how far a kid will walk when she gets to wear her rain boots and jump in puddles.

ISO 500 ~ F/3.5 ~  SS 1/1250 

We also hit up the local park - it's been so long since we've been able to hang out here. The neighborhood was a buzz with people out on walks. It's been so long since I've seen so many dogs out in our neighborhood.

It was such a nice day overall with the family. I can't wait until the trees start budding and the snow is completely gone. Love this time of year.

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  1. I love those puddle pictures! It's finally warm enough here for a walk to sound pleasant again--and I'm liking that fact!


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