Saturday, July 16, 2011


This weekend we decided to take Riley to the Aquarium at the Mall of America. Riley has been pretty interested in fish so we hoped that she would be entertained by this. She has been around real fish before at grandma Ann's nursing home, but nothing to the scale of the Mall of America aquarium. Speaking of grandma Ann's nursing home there is a piece of fish art that hangs in one of the halls. It's actually a painting of fish with a couple of textured, plastic fish attached to it.

Lately when we go to visit we sit around the corner from this masterpiece of art in a little kitchenette. She now knows where the painting is so she'll run out of the kitchenette and around the corner just enough that she can see it. She'll then point at it and say 'fishies!', and then turn around and look at me all proud and excited. She gets especially delighted when you pick her up and let her touch the fish. Cute stuff.

So, back to the Mall of America. We might have been foolish to head out to the mall on a steamy and wet Saturday morning, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. Even though the aquarium was highly overpriced it was still fun to see Riley experience all the fish. I forgot to bring my camera so I had to make due with the phone camera which in no way does the experience justice.

In case you can't tell this is a turtle.

Afterwards we went to Chevy's to eat. It was getting close to nap time for Riley so she was fussin' it up. After numerous tactics to chill her out I simply handed her a lime off my plate.

As you can see she enjoyed experiencing the lime. Who knew a lime could be a lifesaver to help get us through the rest of our lunch. Mucho gracias citrus fruit.

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