Saturday, July 30, 2011

Phone heaven

Recently Jesse and I discovered that our texting had gotten out of control. And when I say out of control it wouldn't even put a dent into a typical teenager's texting, but for us it was a lot. We upgraded to a phone texting package, but Jesse still had a phone that did not have a keyboard. Ugh, the pain... I was once in his spot so I could understand the irritation he was feeling with each text. So last Sunday we headed over the to local phone store to upgrade his phone.

When we got to the store Jesse set Riley down to walk around while he talked shop with the sales guy. She took one look at all the phones and then looked up at me with a huge grin on her face. Lucky for her the phones were all at her level. She loves playing with our cell phones so this was pure heaven for her.

Playing with my old phone at home

She's actually pretty phone savvy even if she doesn't really know what she is doing. One time when she was playing with Jesse's phone she took a picture of her foot and texted it to a friend of his in about 5 seconds flat. I'm pretty sure she knows how to work our phones better than we do.

At the store she had to check out every single phone multiple times. I did my best to put the phones back in their original place, but the sales guy assured me not to worry about it as "we have a new guy who can get some practice putting them back where they belong".

At some point she started "talking on the phone" as she often does as home. She'd hold a phone up to her ear, walk around while she babbled into the phone... and even wave her arm around for effect.

And Riley did get her own phone that day. Of course, it was Jesse's old phone which doesn't make calls anymore, but that won't keep her from "talking" on the phone.

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