Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Apparently people think I have weird dreams and that I should share them. This one is from a couple months ago... enjoy.

Dream 10/26/11

I was living in a suburban type neighborhood. The type with no sidewalks and houses that had attached garages that faced the street. The neighbors were friendly and we felt safe, but we still locked our doors at night. One of my neighbors had recently come down with a disease that was controversial. I didn’t know much about it, but knew that a group of individuals felt that it was for the greater good to capture these sick individuals and kill them even though most of the population felt that these people could be healed. Turns out the renegade group broke into the neighbor’s house and killed him leaving a wife behind. As the police were investigating the crime scene another neighbor and I tried to console the woman, but there was only so much we could do for such a senseless crime.

The next day several people went to visit the woman whose husband was killed. I walked over there hand in hand with the dead man’s younger brother. He had several young brothers and a brother that was around his age named Adrian Peterson (yes, the football player). 

We all sat at a table in the garage and the dead man’s wife told me how helpful my book has been. I didn’t know what she was talking about as I didn’t recall writing a book. “Is she talking about my blog?” “Did my blog get made into a book?” “Did I write a different book?” "What could she be talking about?"

I then realized that the other neighbor with me is one of the managers at my work and she has the disease too. She is sitting in front of a computer playing what seems like a kid’s computer game. I walk past her and the computer a couple times while working with other people to figure out how we are going to fight back against the renegades. I walk by her again and see that she now has two computer screens (and I remember lots of details like they have a black frame, but are the old, deep monitors and one is much smaller than the other). She is still playing the kid’s game when I realize this game helps fight some of the neurological affects of the disease.

Fast forward and I am standing outside another sick person’s house. This person is being held hostage by the renegade group and we want to save him before anything drastic happens. I am standing to the side of the front door… with a gun.

Not really me... for those that need clarification.

An undercover cop walks up and stands right in front of the door with his gun. I start knocking on the door hoping that the renegades will actually come out and we can take custody of them. The cop then throws his gun to the side as he is afraid the group won’t come out if they see he has a gun. I am out of view so I hold on to my gun, but think “Holy crap, I’m the only one out here with a gun and I am not a cop!” Luckily, another cop shows up, with a gun, to back us up and I'm able to take a big sigh of relief.

I keep knocking, but no one opens the door. The door has a glass window which is partially covered in green leaves. I then notice a woman trying to cover the rest of the glass with more green leaves and tomatoes on vines. I keep thinking “why doesn’t she just cover it up with a sheet”, but apparently she wants to make it attractive. Of course.
All of a sudden the main renegade guy opens the door and there is a flurry of action. The cops rush in while the main guy gets in my face and tries to explain what they are doing and why it is for the greater good. I counter all his points, but am also highly distracted because he is standing far too close to me. It makes me feel claustrophobic.  I keep pushing him back when I notice that all the guys are wearing plaid flannel which strikes me as odd.

Random men in plaid - not renegades or cops as far as I know.

 And in the end we were finally able to arrest the renegades…and therefore save the world. The End.

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