Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Wrap Up

The following are some random pictures I've taken in the last couple weeks that I didn't include in my last couple posts since there were all about Christmas activities. I figured I'd dump them them here.

A recent visit to the Children's Museum. We decided to purchase a family membership so I see many more visits to this place. She could have spent hours placing balls in these tubes to see them shoot out into the surrounding water.

A recent visit to the indoor park. She's a little hesitant of slides, but she boldly went down this one over and over. So proud of her for taking it on.

All bundled up and ready to go outside with Daddy's hat on. I was a little surprised that she was ok with wearing this getup. I guess it's only the snow and cold she doesn't care for.

Actually walking on the shoveled sidewalk, but getting her to walk on the snow was a little difficult. She really wanted to go to the park at the end of the block, and  was a little disappointed when we got there.

Walking in the snow and dealing with it for a few seconds. Moments later she was begging me to carry her which was a challenge since her winter attire felt like it added 10 lbs to her weight.

Helping daddy shovel. This she embraced and actually seemed to enjoy. Glad I remembered we had this shovel. Now, if I could only put her to work...

Sorry this is sideways - couldn't get it to turn. Hopefully, you can still enjoy.

Cute daddy and Riley moment. Inside. And warm.

Less than thrilled for this winter crap. I hear ya, kid.

At the park there is this super cool tree that is like a fort. Jesse refers to it as the "bear cave".

Eating an apple while playing outside.

Escaping from the bear cave.

And finally, one day Riley got into the recycling while I was cooking. I looked down to see her "chugging" back an empty bottle of beer as she walked into the living room... where I found the above scene. Guess we better make double sure that we clean items before putting them in recycling from now on.

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