Sunday, November 4, 2012

Uh, yeah this chart thingy

I don't know what to call this chart I made... the' date, weather and season chart' seems a little wordy. I'm sure there's a better name for it, but you can just look at  the pictures to know what I'm talking about. I'd seen a number of bloggers either purchase these or make them recently... and because I am too cheap to buy one and because my 'craft' room is finally complete I decided to make my own. It took me awhile to get around to making one since I had a lot on my plate recently, but things eased up a bit. A tiny, itty, little bit. And it turns out that I find measuring and cutting, and sticker sticking, and marker writing especially relaxing.

I definitely got the overall idea to make this chart from other bloggers and from searching the web, but as far as the design that was pretty much my own (although I am sure there is someone else who has done this as well... and better). It started with knowing that I had some foam board. Unfortunately, the white one I had was severely water damaged and the black ones had bits torn off. While I was at Target without my husband (this is important to note since he keeps us on track to follow the shopping list) I wandered around and decided to buy a new white foam board and some stickers.

I had seen some boards that utilized dry erase markers, but I wanted something that Riley could really grab on to and be active in the changing of the chart daily. I decided that I would cut out individual pieces for each word and date and attach Velcro to the back. So I counted out all the words and numbers I would need and measured out sections on the white foam board. I sliced up the board with an art knife (is that what you call it?), but you could use a utility knife as well. Just make sure it is sharp.

I decided to use a combo of stickers and markers, partly due to cost and space issues (boy does this post make me sound cheap). I also didn't want to buy another white foam board and didn't like the look of the beat up black one as the background so I used some white contact paper I had laying (or lying - I never know) around and (mostly) covered the black foam board up.

As you can see I am such a geek that I figured out all the letters and numbers I would need on that big piece of cardboard just in case there was a chance I could use stickers for the entire board. I really knew the answer before going through that whole process, but again... I found this weirdly relaxing to do. If only someone could pay me to do this crap.

We had some leftover Velcro, but not enough so I made a quick stop at Home Depot on the way home from the gym this morning so I could complete this project. Riley helped me with the finishing touches even if she doesn't really get this yet, but that's the whole point - it's a way to teach her. Once completed, Riley helped me put the correct information on it for today and placed it upstairs so she can see it early in the morning. I think I might post a print out next to it so she can see what day/month/season follows the next with the hope that she can check it and think "oh, Monday comes after Sunday". She seemed to get that we only change the chart once a day... at least for now, and appeared genuinely excited about it. 

Right now I think Riley is more excited about the letters and numbers on this chart, but I look forward to the first time she is able to tell me what day or season it is. It's so cool to see a little one's brain 'get' something new and to know that you helped them in some way to understand. For me, these accomplishments are way more rewarding that anything I could do at my paid job.

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  1. Love how much Riley can participate in your version of this... thing :) I call ours a calendar, but I know that's not entirely accurate. The one we have is a little too dependent on very fine motor skills so Annie can't really do most of it on her own but she's getting there! She has yet to actually tell me the day correctly, but oh well - someday :)


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