Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Dryer Day, er... Birthday to me.

Boy what a difference a year makes in your birthday expectations. Last year I was turning the BIG 40 so it felt like it should be special, but this year? 41? I couldn't have cared less. Being sick played a role in that, but even if I wasn't sick I would have wanted a low key celebration. And how they heck did I get so old? Wasn't I just 24?

My birthday this year landed on a Saturday so I knew we'd be going to Riley's music class in the morning, filling the day with typical weekend stuff, and then finishing it off with a night out at dinner while Riley stayed over at grandma and grandpa's house. But a cold got me good and even though I was on the upswing Riley took a turn for the worse with a fever. We cancelled with the grandparents, Riley and I napped, I found my gift in the dryer, and we got take out for dinner. Simple, low key and fantastic.

I knew Jesse would get me a gift, but thought of telling him not to after the doozy of a gift I got last year (hello iPad). I seriously would have been fine with going out to dinner because not having to make a meal is worth so much to me. But Jesse did get me a gift and I unintentionally told him what to get me the Tuesday before my big day.  It's the day I went in to get my driver's license renewed (and had one of my least favorite driver's license pictures taken - at least it's not as bad as I imagined it). My DMV is located within AAA so after renewing my license I decided to take a peak in the AAA store. I've been looking to upgrade my Sherpani purse. I love it, but I just need a little more space (I'm a mom, ya know) and want something durable, but a little more professional looking. And there I saw a hobo Baggallini that was perfect. Except for the price. I told my husband about it - not thinking that I was suggesting he get it for my birthday - but because he always seems to find a better deal online. He didn't, but he still got me the bag. He put it in the dryer which shouldn't be a surprise since he had put every gift of mine in the dryer since I did it one time when we were dating. He even proposed to me via the dryer.

Check out that up and down lighting on the ring.

At any rate, I should have been thinking that I would receive a gift in the dryer at some point that day, but instead I absentmindedly put a bunch of wet clothes in the dryer and was about to start it when Jesse abruptly stopped me. I have no idea if he had a better set up for presenting it to me, and if so I ruined it, but yay! I got a new purse.

Tuesday was also the day I got sick. I went to work Wednesday, but left slightly early and then stayed home Thursday and Friday making it a 4 day birthday weekend. I usually hate being sick and hate having to use paid time off, but I have to admit that I loved it. Sure I felt like crap, but I got to sleep a lot and watch TV (finished season 3 of Parenthood - oh how can you make me tear up so much!),  I got to hang with my family, and didn't have to deal with the stress of work. One of the few times I will say getting sick was so worth it. It was a perfect birthday.


  1. Happy birthday! The dryer gift giving is awesome. :) How on Earth would someone even think to look there unless you were on one of those love scavenger hunts or something? Too cute.

  2. I am completely charmed by this dryer proposal & then gifting situation. That shit needs to be made into a movie, man. Has quirky and yet quality rom com written all over it :)


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