Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

This year was filled with losses, growth, new traditions, laughter... Let's look back at the year together:

January was filled with me turning the big 4.0. Jesse and Riley put together a celebration that was just up my alley. Unfortunately, January was still cold and (as usual) I have yet to accept that I will have to spend every birthday freezing my butt off.

In February my daughter and my parents turned another year older. We celebrated with a book themed party for Riley and big family party at my mom's memory care facility. It was still cold.

March was the beginning of the photo a day project. This project actually helped me look at the world in a whole new way which I miss since I decided to put the project on hold in November. I also cooked up a ton of freezer meals for myself and a friend (note to self: time to do this again!). 

In April Riley got her first haircut and I won tickets to my first Twins game in their new stadium. Seeing we didn't really do a lot of non-kid things that were out of the norm getting to go to this game was huge. Plus, I got to skip out of work early. Yipee. Oh, plus... spring and warmer weather! And Jesse and I celebrated three years of marriage. *fist bump*

May brought the passing of my step-mom, Ann, from a heart attack days after my dad had a pacemaker put in. 

In June we FINALLY threw a wine and cheese party. We'd only been talking about it for 6 years. Hopefully, it is the start of many more. We also celebrated Father's Day and took in the wonderful days of summer.

July saw the start of the 'what do you do and why' series - an effort to learn more about why people choose the career/life paths that they do and how they got there. We continued to enjoy the summer weather even if it got a little too hot at times. 

August found us taking Riley on her first camping trip with mixed success. It probably would have gone way better if it didn't rain and our tent didn't leak, but Riley was great. We continued to enjoy the summer with many trips to the zoo, playing outside at local parks and a trip to the farm with grandpa Frank.

In September we attempted our second camping trip (again with mixed success) and joined the gym after a long hiatus (and we are still going strong with working out on a regular basis!). 

October brought us another house - a play house that is. And one that I played with as a child. I'm so glad that Riley will get to make her own memories in something I enjoyed so much of as a kid. October also signaled fall weather, and apple orchard visit, and Halloween. 

Perhaps some of the most exciting things happened in November... Jesse's birthday, Riley's potty training, and Thanksgiving. Really, if I had to say what the best moment of the year was I might say it was how well Riley took to potty training. I never would have thought this based on her objection to it in the months before. 

December, what can I say? You were filled with Christmas related activities. Besides a book review I only had one non Christmas related post this month. Riley embraced Christmas fully this year and it was so fun to see how excited she was.

Overall, it was a good year. Some sad and frustrating moments, but so much to be thankful for. To underscore all the wonderful things that happen during the year we are starting a new tradition - The 'Feel Good' jar. We plan to write down all those good moments that occur throughout the year and review them at the end of the year. I can't wait to see what the year brings!

Here's looking forward to 2013!

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