Monday, July 22, 2013

July 2013 | Photo a Day | Week 3

Week three and going strong with the Photo a Day pictures...

Outside the window

The sore throat that came on Friday night was still sticking around so I felt I had to go get something cool and soothing to make it feel better. At lunch I headed out to get some frozen yogurt and then found an unused space at work with a good view to pig out on it. I filled my cup a little fuller than usual (it was for health reasons!), but was a little stunned when I spent over 7 bucks on this serving. Yikes! When I told my healthy eating husband how much I spent I thought he would be horrified. Instead, he was jealous that I went to Yogurt Lab without him. Go figure. (Oh, and I still have the ever so slightly better sore throat over a week later. You can bet there was another frozen yogurt run later in the week - this time with my husband).


Really excited to try this organic wine I recently picked up, but that persistent sore throat is putting that plan on hold. Note to self: feed the cat immediately when you get home before you attempt to do anything or she will be all up in your stuff.


Oy. This one had so much potential and in the end I feel like I cheated. I posted old pictures and a quote by Mary Anne Radmacher. In my defense, I did take pictures of Jesse and Riley together, but Jesse just looked mad. Not every day is a winner, but in the end this still had the same message, My dad, Jesse, and Riley are some of the biggest inspirations in my life.


This was simply a random number I wrote on a chalkboard in our basement and then added a fancy filter. I was going to pick a number with significance... 27 - the day of our first date, 9 - the day she was born, 21 - the day we were married, 11 - his lucky number, 72 - the year of my birth... but there were so many to choose from that a random number seemed most appropriate.


Luckily, I had an early lunch this day so I could sneak outside without the lunch crowd milling about and wondering why I was holding my iPad up to the air (to take this picture of my work building, of course). Since I was outside I grabbed lunch at one of the many food trucks downtown. To be honest, I've been turned off from food trucks lately after a couple cases of gut rot, but the fish tacos at Velle Deli were awesome (with no side effects). Plus, it was beautiful outside. Earlier in the week it was soooo humid and hot, but this day I could actually breathe comfortably outside.


Yeah, so it was even cooler today than the previous day - it was still warm, but not nearly as hot as the beginning of the week was. I stepped out on to our deck which does get quite hot and was surprised to find the cat still out there cause I wouldn't be if I was covered in black fur and all. And then I was not surprised to find him inside the house about 2 seconds later. He's no dummy.

Fav Food 

When I mentioned the prompt for this day to my husband he immediately suggested we get food from Christos Greek restaurant. So I totally thought that was going to be the shot of the day. We did get our Greek food (after a little friendly reminder to the hubby), but in the end I picked this shot because not only do I like raspberries, but I just like fresh food. And perhaps this is a reminder to myself to eat a little healthier because I almost always feel better when I do. 

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  1. Love this project. I really want to do one next month. It's so nice to stop at some point in the day and reflect around you and that's exactly what these daily photos do.


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