Sunday, July 28, 2013

Photo a Day | July 2013 | Week 4

July is almost over and I've still been able to take a picture every day for Photo a Day. I hate to say it, but it kinda makes me want to get a smartphone, but I don't think I'm quite there yet.


Blah. This is my place of work and a neighboring empty cube. They don't get much better when someone decorates them. They are still grey and blah. Plus, the closest window looks out at a brink wall. Not exactly cheery.

I drew this!

I sat down with Riley as I was going to draw something new (not like the last time I had a similar prompt where I took at picture of a drawing I did in the 1980's). I suggested to Riley that she draw a picture of herself as I was drawing a highly crafted stick person. She drew this accurately, large eyed figure with a huge smile and yellow hair and topped it off with the sun. Love the extra touch.

Not sure how well you can actually see her drawing so I'll make it bigger.

Ok, not sure that helped either, but you know... proud momma over here.

D is for...

Diablo the cat with a special appearance of Lucy the cat in the background. Jesse has suggested we find a new home for Lucy since we've caught her pooping where she shouldn't and she is a bit on the needy side (when she wants love she shoves it on you). It's been hard to give the cats the attention we used to before having a kid, but I'm not ready to give up on her. Besides, Diablo has pooped on the carpet and no one has suggested kicking him out the door. He's just a little more mellow (read: coolest cat ever) and has health issues so he gets away with it.


I don't know - what do you say about the ground. Waiting for the bus stop I looked down and saw this and thought it looked pretty cool except for the cigarette butt I kicked out of the way and the other garbage just off to the left. Nothing special - it's the ground. 

The everyday

Just hanging out after I got home from work. We occasionally pull up educational (I swear) YouTube videos on the TV. OK, maybe more than occasionally since she's not only memorized the songs, but also the order in which they play. This one was about measurements and after I took the picture I realized that the words 'every day' are on the screen. Totally unintended. But the silly face on Riley was totally intended and an everyday thing. 

Black + white

I'd been meaning to implement the rock jar for some time, but it took a night where Riley hit me and threw a toy at me for me to go into the basement and bust out a jar and some rocks then and there while she was in a time out. I explained to her that she would get two rocks when we caught her being good and when we filled up the jar we could do something special together (she wants to go to the zoo). The jar has slowly filled up, but we've often been focusing on her recent reluctance to go to bed each night which results in no rocks. I need to remember that this jar isn't all about that and make sure I am calling her out for her good daytime behavior. She gets very excited about the jar and about getting "two rocks" - no more and no less at a time.

This is new!

My husband's brother, Rich, and his family moved to Luxembourg for his job last year. They just arrived for a visit and brought all sorts of goodies like the above (oh, and lots of wine). For anyone whose had Biscoff, Speculoos is the same thing - it tastes like a spread made out of biscuits or graham crackers. Delish.

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