Sunday, August 11, 2013

Photo a Day | August week 2

Meh. Another week of this. I wanted to have more fun this week, but I wasn't feeling especially inspired to get the pictures I wanted for Photo a Day. Not that I am giving up on this challenge. Nope, still plowing forward and getting a gem here and there.


Part weird morning lighting, part filter. Attack by child before I was ready for it. How does she wake with such energy? I guess I might have that too if I slept 12 hours a day.

This means a lot to me

This kid means everything to me. 

A sign

Riley and I went on an 'adventure' to find signs on this morning. This wasn't much of a challenge since they are tearing up the roads around us so there are multiple signs on every corner. This one was my favorite as it actually looks like it's been here for many, many years.


I have to admit it - this one was sort of posed. Riley actually does play peek a boo through these curtains and that's what I asked her to do, but she just stood looking out the window at first. It seemed like such a tender moment... and then moments later she came tearing through the curtains and returned to the other room to play. Thanks for humoring me, kid. 

2 o'clock

At work. Nothing exciting to see here. I was hoping I'd have something interesting on my calendar at this time, but no. I work at a University and it was commencement weekend - hence the polo shirt with work logo (also worn when lazy and not wanting to select clothes to wear for work). Not long after this I did go to a meet and greet for our graduates, but didn't see any students or faculty that I knew so I just went back to work. Yup, nothing exciting.


My dad has at least 100 of these canning jars of various brands. He gave some to a neighbor, but gave the rest to me to sell if I want. I may put them on Craigslist, but I also want to keep some and make some into light fixtures. Maybe something like this.

I love doing this!

I love that Riley enjoys going to my dad's house. My dad (aka. Papa Frank) can be a bit of a curmudgeon, but Riley doesn't seem to hold that against him. She still likes to go see him and has actually picked up my phone several times this past week and asked that we call him. My dad is doing well health wise, but at 85 I know he won't be around forever. I'm glad she gets to spend this time with him and I hope she always has fond memories of this time.

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