Monday, August 19, 2013

Photo a Day | August Week 3

It would be fairly easy for me to take a picture of my daughter for every one of these Photo a Day prompts as she is mostly a willing participant in my picture taking (even if she doesn't exactly stand still), but it's fun to find other things to take pictures of as well. I am often looking at my daily environment with my photo a Day prompt in mind.


This would have been fun to pull out my old macro lenses to tackle this picture, but those lenses attach to a camera that requires film which I apparently don't even know how to use anymore. My dad recently asked for help loading his camera with film... and I eventually was successful after ruining one perfectly good roll. PS. this is the light above my kitchen sink.


I didn't have to work until 11:00 this day so we took a walk past her new preschool that she'll start in a couple weeks. Preschool! She is seriously growing up way too fast (and yet at the same time I can't wait until she can stay at home by herself while her dad and I go out - that's just a few years away, right?).


The bus stop is littered with cigarette butts and larger garbage items even though there is a garbage right there (I get not throwing hot cigarette butts in the garbage, but your pop bottle? Are you that lazy?). I actually live in a pretty clean neighborhood, but there are spots here and there... like the neighbor who has had the mattresses and a couch sitting out in his yard for weeks. I don't even want to think about what's living in there. Gross.

The Best

First off, my husband is the best for always mowing the lawn. I don't have an issue with mowing and used to do it all the time, but since I have migraines it is nice to not have to deal with a smelly mower. So he is the best for that, but also - my kid. She is too cute wanting to watch her dad out the window. She asked me to set up her stool so she could have a good view. She's loved watching him mow since she was a baby... and one day the dream can be hers as her dad and I watch her mow from the window. I can't wait.


Made this super tasty wrap with  cream cheese, cucumber, smoked salmon, and arugula. My sensitive stomach didn't like it for some reason which sucks because it was go good and so easy to make. This would be a great lunch to take to work. I need to explore wrap options more often (minus those that upset my tummy, of course).


I've been having lots of aches and pains lately (dear pinched nerve, I'd like the feeling back in my left arm please), but I have still been getting to the gym. Moving a little bit makes me feel better than not moving at all. Most of the month I've found myself walking on the treadmill and then stretching and perhaps a little time in the steam room which seems to help. Oh, and Jesse and I recently got Fit Bit pedometers so that encourages me to keep up the movement as well.

Someone you spoke to today 

Turns out my kid and I talk a lot each day. Here we just came back from the farmer's market where she got a rainbow painted on her face. I'm pretty sure that this lady was different from last week as it was a less than impressive rainbow, but the kid didn't care. And luckily she didn't care when we washed it off an hour later before her nap since it was already rubbing off on things. Glad she doesn't freak out about everything.

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