Thursday, August 8, 2013

Photo a Day | July 2013 Week 4+ | August 2013 Week 1

Things get a little crazy when you have visitors in town (my brother in law and his family), but somehow I still remembered to take a Photo a Day picture everyday... it just took me a little longer than usual to get them posted.


I love when people humor my photo requests and especially when it's a kid (or 3) that cooperate. It was fun to get this picture of the cousins together while Mason and Cade were still visiting from Luxembourg. We hope to go see them again in the spring (that should be a fun flight with a 4 year old), but our time to see them in person and watch them grow is limited. Perhaps this is a picture I should try to do yearly of them as they grow.


To be honest I would have loved to take a picture of one of my friends and I was even tempted to take a picture of a picture of me and my friends, but Jesse thinks that's cheating. So I took a picture of these two and I think this picture is quite appropriate. While Jesse and I are clearly parents, we also have a great friendship with our child and I hope she continues to think the same as she gets older.


This was my last day of work for the week before I took a few days off to spend with my visiting family. My work cubicle is pretty grey and dreary, but I try to make sure there are plenty of pictures nearby of things that make me happy.

Something beginning with N

I usually don't get to go to National Night Out as I work later hours on Tuesdays, but this year I happened to switch hours with someone else and was able to go. Unfortunately, we were only there for about 20 minutes when  huge storm came in and closed everything down. I did get to meet one new neighbor so it was still a win.


Not much to say here. Riley was playing with her letters and we always seems to be missing some so... incomplete. Yeah.


The one challenging thing this week with having visitors was the traffic and road construction. Specifically, 169 south of the cities since Jesse's mom lives on one side of the construction and we live on the other. Since Jesse's brother was in town we did a lot of traveling back and forth - especially Jesse. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to drive anywhere for at least a week. On this particular day we were headed to hang out on the boat on Prior Lake. The sky was absolutely beautiful and I took some pictures of the 'beautiful' skyline, but this one just seemed to be more fitting.


This day was family photo day (I'll post pictures once they are completed). For my mother in law's birthday Jesse and I gave her a family photo session done by a professional. We had to wait until everyone was in town and the day finally arrived. After a scare that we might be rained out everyone met at our house. We munched on food (some of which was nice and fresh) and then posed it up in a local park. We got a couple sample pictures, but I can't wait to see all of them when they are done.

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