Thursday, June 18, 2015

Project 52 - Chalk Fun - Week 24


Riley's never really liked bugs, but has tolerated them... until very recently. Every time we go outside now is a bit of a struggle as she's so aware of every little thing that crawls or flies past her. "Is there a bug on my back, mom?" "Is there a bug in my hair?" "Is that a bee?"

This past week we went to the park and she wouldn't go down the slide because there was a bug, she jumped off another spinny thing because there was a bug. She just wasn't having fun. So we are working on that. Distraction, assurances, sometimes bug spray all seem to help, but she still is on hyper alert. I hope this passes soon. Suggestions welcome.

The other night we braved the elements to do some chalk drawing - a favorite activity in this household and we decided to have a little fun where I drew a picture around Riley. I thought Riley would freak out at the thought of lying on the sidewalk where ants roam, but she was pretty tolerant and, I think, distracted by this new, fun activity.

Makes me wish I had a nice new concrete driveway. Imagine all the 'pictures' we could come up with. After we got our photo, Riley wanted to draw a picture of herself. I helped a little, but I think she did a pretty good job of capturing herself.

Ah, summer... or almost summer. How I love you so... bugs and all.

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