Friday, May 27, 2016

Project 52 - Change - Week 21


After a crazy day of parties and activities, Riley and I decided to play it low key last Sunday (Jesse was helping a friend with his truck most of the weekend). We met up with papa Frank for lunch and hung out at his house for a bit. We didn't do anything too exciting except hang out and talk.

It's nice to spend some time at my dad's house as I know he won't be here forever. We've been exploring independent living places for him to move to, and while he's in a whirlwind to clean out his house, he also seems reluctant to commit to anything. I think he realizes he wants to stay in his house, but is trying to be practical about what the future may bring.

On that note, he also sold the farm. I'm a little crushed about this and am trying to find a time to go out there before the closing. My brother's ashes are buried there and we decided that we'd leave him there since he loved the place, but my dad would like to dig them up and spread them around. I have to be there for that and I have to say goodbye. I have a feeling that this is the year that I really need to embrace change, but as you know... change can be hard.

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