Thursday, May 12, 2016

Project 52 - Morning - Week 19


I really wish I could go to bed early and feel awake and refreshed by 5:00 am. I'd get up before the rest of my people and walk the neighborhood and take in all the freshness of the morning. That's not quite me yet, but I'm sure I'm headed in that direction. It's hard to sleep much past 6:00 am, and although I'm not totally refreshed when I wake, I am pretty much up and at 'em. This morning was chilly, but so beautiful with the sun shining, the bunnies scurrying around the yard, the dew glimmering off the grass, steam coming off the playhouse roof, and the smell of lilacs permeating the air. I love lilacs. Love them.


Did I mention that I love lilacs?

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  1. Great pictures! Our lilacs are blooming in the back of our house and the smell is simply amazing!


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