Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mill City District

Riley recently saw one of my pictures from the amber room at the Guthrie (from my ClickinMom's photo walk). She thought it was cool so I promised I would bring her there. Saturday we decided to check it out so we could stop at the Mill City farmer's market as well. She was initially disappointed that we weren't going to the gym so we had to promise that we'd go work out later. I guess that's one way to stay in shape - to be guilt tripped by your kid.

At any rate, once we got down to the Mill City area and started exploring, Riley totally got into it. I can't wait to bring her back to this area to explore the Mill Ruins park and the Gold Medal park... so much more to introduce her to.

We started by walking down the boardwalk to the Guthrie where we explored floor 4 (cantilever bridge)...

 and floor 9 (the amber room which is officially called the Dowling Studio)...

We had this floor to ourselves which was fun... especially for Riley. The room had an echo so she was singing the entire time we were up there. Oh, and there was performing too. I probably don't need to say this, but she also picked out her own clothes this day. 

 And then I took her down the escalator that runs from the 4th to the 1st floor thinking she would be in awe of how long it was. She was unimpressed, but did enjoy the mirrors on the way down.

Next up was the farmer's market. We were kicking ourselves since we just loaded up on veggies the day before. So many delicious, fresh vegetables that we didn't buy, but we did break down and spend 5 bucks on a bracelet for Riley. Oh, and I bought some overpriced (but good) pulled pork nachos from the Smack Shack food truck.

And then our kid got hungry so we decided to go home and feed her. She sort of hit the wall, but agreed that this was a cool place to check out and come back to.

My picture loving kid wouldn't even pose for me here so I know she was done.
I took a picture anyway.

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