Monday, October 10, 2016

My Minnesota ~ September ~ Minnetonka Apple Orchard

I am excited to join a group of talented Minnesota photographers in a blog circle focused on the theme of Explore Minnesota. Make sure to check out Tina Fisher Photography to follow the circle all the way around.

September was the perfect time to start exploring Minnesota's fall activities. We've been to a number of apple orchards over the years and have found ourselves coming back to Minnetonka Orchards over and over so it was a no brainer where we would go this year.

The day started out rainy so we were a little worried, but it cleared up leaving us with a pretty decent day. It was a bit muddy there, which caused us to avoid the corn maze this year... and Riley fell onto the ground getting her apple dress and pants dirty, but for the most part it was fine.

Future vineyard in the works too!

Apple donuts fresh from the fryer. Nummy!

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