Thursday, October 6, 2016

Project 52 - Donuts - Week 40


Riley recently informed me that she's never had a donut. I almost believed her, but then realized that week before we had apple donuts at the apple orchard. She then made the clarification that she'd never had a donut with icing on it. She didn't have to twist my arm very hard before I agreed to treat her to donuts at a donut shop. It would have been easy to pick something up at the grocery store, but donut shops seem to be popping up all around town so it seemed like a good excuse to check one of them out.

I selected Glam Doll Donuts after getting some recommendations from co-workers. I drove down Lake Street to get there and had a funny moment on the way with Riley. As we were stopped at a red light, Riley excitedly exclaimed "there's a Halloween costume store!" I looked over to see her looking at a lingerie store... and then I noticed a bondage store a couple doors down. Haha, uh yeah... costume store.

Eventually, we got to the donut shop, and picked out our selections. Riley wanted vanilla icing with sprinkles and I settled for the salted caramel and chocolate.

Riley ate about half and declared that it was just too sweet. I ate all of mine, but would totally agree. Good donuts, but just too much icing for these girls.

Afterwards, as we walked back to the car I pointed out to Riley how I used to work at Christos across the street. I went down a little memory lane in my own head remembering all the times I would go out for drinks across the street after work with my co-workers. Boy, life has changed.

Half a donut may have been more than enough sugar for this kid...

Jesse was out of town again so this was another fun mom and daughter activity for us. Makes me want to explore more areas of the city that we don't normally go to.

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