Sunday, October 16, 2016

Project 52 - Sun - Week 41


I'd been planning to do a photo shoot with one on of my nieces for fun, but we had to reschedule a couple times. The last time it happened, I really wanted to get out and take pictures so I took Riley out. She's used to being my model and was excited when I told her we were going to stop at Party City and a new playground. We stopped at Party City because I thought it would be fun to get some props for our pictures. To make it even more fun, we visited a playground in our city that we've never been to before which means we've hit 17 out of 35 playgrounds so far.

We didn' t have a scissor so the plastic band was still on this. We'll play with it another day.

We had a picnic dinner at the playground and then my plan was to drive towards the sunset to a spot I found online (I just 'drove' around on Google streetview). Instead I made a wrong turn and found this cool bridge that went over Minnehaha Creek so we had to stop.

This pose is all her own.

At some point, Riley hit her wall and just wanted to go home. I didn't blame her, but I still wanted to drive closer to Meadowbook, the area I found online. I tried to ignore the sun, but the golden light was amazing.

A couple days before, Riley had pointed out some early morning golden light and noted how beautiful it was. At first she didn't want to make another stop to take pictures, but she agreed that we had to since the sunlight was so pretty - just like the other morning.

I don't get to take pictures in this light very often so I was fun to experiment with this light. And, I appreciate when Riley is willing to be my model. Even though she was reluctant to take these last pictures... at first, in the end she was directing me and asking me to send them to grandma. Such a photographer's child, that one is.

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