Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Poor Riley had a bit of a fall last night. Apparently her tooth punctured her lip. I was at work and received an email from Jesse that Riley had fallen, there was a lot of blood, but she recovered fast and was now peacefully asleep. Made me want to hang up the phone, jump in the car, speed home, and crawl into the crib to cuddle with her.

Since then she has been in a good mood - you'd never know that she had such a big fall. She's such a trooper!

I took a few pictures of her while she was in the bath so I could capture the little bruiser. She was actually in a pretty good mood even though the first two pictures make it look otherwise. I think she was just playing it up so it looked like she was miserable.

She has a number of toys she plays with in the tub, but she has always loved her daddy's Fleet Farm cup. Her favorite thing is to fill it up with water and pour the water onto her chest... over and over and over...

Speaking of bath time I took the following pictures a couple weeks ago. After her bath I carry her upstairs wrapped in her towel and then set her down so she can walk to her bedroom. She started walking around with the towel as if she had on a special cape. She was actually more dramatic than these pictures show.

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