Thursday, June 30, 2011


A couple weeks ago we were visiting Grandma Suzie and Grandpa Michael while uncle Richie was in town. Riley loves corn, but hadn't figured out how to tackle corn on the cob so we gave it another try.


Nom, nom, nom, nom.... I'd say she definitely figured it out.

And 30 some years earlier....


Slap a couple of pigtails on Jesse and they'd look like the same kid.

Grandma and Grandpa also got Riley a German tricycle. The first time she saw it she was interested, but the second time she really started to embrace it. This was probably a week or two before the above video:

 I love how she 'skootches' herself across the room.

This past weekend we went to Home Depot where Riley was delighted by all the balloons on display. Once upon a time she was deathly afraid of balloons. Petrified. But strangely, comfort came with this balloon. Now, as you can see, her balloon fear is gone.

She keeps this up and she's gonna get us kicked out of Home Depot...


  1. She is getting sooo big! Its so nice to see her and good to know shes not scared of balloons. I wonder if the size and the fact the ones at the store are at her level she likes them better?

  2. Yeah, she really is growing so fast. Such a little girl now. I think she just needed to get big enough to understand what a balloon was because we just had a HUGE balloon in the house and she was cool with that.

    PS. Thanks for being my first comment!


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