Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Friday - Daddy and Riley day

We don't have daycare on Fridays so Jesse works from home (the best he can) while watching Riley. Every once in a while I set out an outfit for her to wear, but most of the time it's up to Jesse to get her clothed. Sometimes it can be quite interesting what he picks out for her. Usually it isn't that bad... just not some of her cuter outfits. And for awhile it seemed that every Friday I came home he had her in her pink outdoors vest... inside.

January 2011

This past Friday I knew it was going to hit 90 degrees so I thought I would pull out some summer wear. I set aside a super cute summer outfit which I expected to see her in when I arrived home. Instead I got this:

Please note that not only does she not match, but she is still in her pajama top. And as much as I would like her to match all the time the reality is that I would probably find her cute no matter what she wore.

Lately, when I get off the bus at the end of the day I will find Jesse and Riley at the park or walking down the block to meet me. This Friday was no different. As I got closer to them I expected to see Riley look up and get excited to see me as she usually does. However, this day I had competition. Bugs. Ants to be specific, or 'buh' as she calls them. It was a long walk back to the house as anything that remotely looked like a bug needed closer inspection by her. Later when we were in the house she was hanging out on her belly (this is also something somewhat new). I captured this picture thinking "how cute, she looks like she is exercising". I later realized that she was watching an ant crawl on the dining room floor. You can actually see her studying the ant in the picture below.

This is what she wore on Saturday... and what I had set out on Friday. Cute.

"Playing" nap time

 Perhaps a little too 'matchy', but a well rounded outfit none the less. And not pajamas.

Speaking of pajamas... here she is in her jammys Saturday morning. 

She has been really into walking over to the couch, turning around, leaning back into the couch and doing this 'chill' type of pose. I assume she picked it up at daycare, but who knows. It entertains all of us, including her.

Later that morning she got a hold of my (boring) pajama top and asked me to put it on her. Ok, she held it at me and grunted which could have meant many different things. I just chose to believe it meant this.

"Tada!" - one of her favorite things to say

I mean, she looks pretty happy about it, right?

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