Thursday, October 6, 2011

All by myself... or not

Jesse was gone for the weekend so it was just Riley and myself. Once upon a time Jesse and I used to go camping and hiking and before that he often went on his own. We'd pack 30+ lbs on our backs and hike a couple hours into the woods to camp. This all came to a screeching halt when I became pregnant and we haven't gone since. Jesse has been itching to become one with nature again, but the time never seemed right and the type of camping he likes is difficult with a small child. I suggested we go 'car' camping as a family, but he was a little hesitant as he wasn't sure how Riley would take to it at this age. So we decided that he should take a weekend to go camping on his own (in turn I will be going on a girls weekend to Bayfield, WI in November - yes!).

Unfortunately for Jesse, most of the trees were past their prime up north. He sent some phone pictures to prove it.

As for Riley and myself... She spent most of Saturday morning pushing things around while I was going through camera withdrawal because Jesse took the good camera with him. Who knew it would be so difficult!? I had so many moments to capture and I wanted to make sure that Jesse felt like he didn't miss anything important. I tried using the video camera's camera feature, but it has super flash and completely washed out my already fair child's face. Whatever, the phone camera would have to do.

Laundry basket. Play high chair. Garbage can. Repeat.

After  what seemed like hours of Riley pushing objects around we decided to go to the Good Will to find some used books. Riley loves books. LOVES. So this is the best way to keep her in supply of fresh material without breaking the bank. I got her a handful of books and myself a pretty snazzy sweater. Score.

In the afternoon grandma Suzie came and picked Riley up for an overnight sleep over.  I did a little shopping and then met a friend for a four hour dinner. We've been known to close down restaurants before, but I can proudly say we did not stay long enough for the staff to give us dirty looks... but who knows what they were saying about us in the back room.

Riley at grandma's on Friday already wearing her Saterday outfit. : )

Saturday morning Jesse called me to look up the scheduled for the Superior Hiking Trail Shuttle. Apparently, walking 11+ miles the day before did a number on him. We discovered that there was no way he could catch the shuttle in time so it was another 11+ miles for him to get back. His plan was then to drive to another camping location that requires a total of about 10 steps from the car and is right on Lake Superior. Jesse must have hiked into an area where he lost reception so I headed out the door to pick Riley up from grandma's. From there we headed to Ikea. I came across an idea for a book rack that utilizes Ikea Spice racks.

Clever huh? I picked up four to start and can't wait to create a reading nook for her in our... nook.

After our adventure at Ikea I prepared lunch while Riley stacked and counted our cat food.

Fie, si, eigh, NINE!

Like her interest in pushing things this stacking and counting probably could have kept her occupied for a long time, but had to come to an end when lunch was ready. I know this isn't a culinary revolution, but I tried something new and fun by wrapping a croissant role around a hotdog and then baking it. I had hoped that this would solve the mess that occurs when the dog falls off the bun.

Croissant hot dog and 'bean beans'

She did a pretty good job with it and even nicely dipped her hot dog in ketchup.

It was a fabulous day to get outside so we headed out for a stroller walk. While we were out Jesse called and informed me that he was coming home. Early.  He was beat and missed his girls too much. Unfortunately Riley  wouldn't be able to see him before she went to sleep so I thought I might as well take some more pictures of her.

Pointing to the park.

OMG the park is so much fun!
Daddy's coming home tonight! Yippee!

Jesse arrived home around 7:30 with a bit of a limp and definitely tired. His fatigued seemed to wear off on me as well and we both went to bed early.

Sunday's plan didn't really change with Jesse coming home early. We had an exciting day filled with a Target run, another disappointing Viking's game, and some outside time. And even though the camera was now home I don't think I took one single picture with it. Go figure.

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