Monday, October 24, 2011

I am Batman

My husband is playing Batman again. Yes, Batman... the video game. He's actually been playing a lot of video games lately which would make you think that I would have more time to write blog posts. However, someone lent me the Hunger Games series and I've been consumed by reading during pretty much any spare moment I have. I still have half of the final book left and am using what little self control I have to do something else.

So back to the video game. Actually, back to dating. That's right, dating. Back when I was single and dating I never imagined I would end up with someone who played video games. I had my preconceived notions of gamers (nerds, lacking social skills, nerds, hygiene deficient, nerds, and so on).

Not my husband

Luckily, to my delight and surprise my husband to be was none of these things (he's cute, clean, and socially adept!). And don't get me wrong... I don't have anything against nerds (being a bit of a dork, myself), but it's the combination of neglecting to bathe enough and not knowing how to carry on a simple conversation that turns me off.

While I have not embraced playing video games (beyond solitaire, that is) I have accepted (and even enjoyed) that gaming is a big part of Jesse's life. I even get the 'hand-eye coordination' thing, the 'building of strategic thinking' thing, and the 'just having fun' thing. And I appreciate that he knows when to step away from the game. He always puts his family (and work and hygiene) before gaming.

So back to Batman. The previous Batman game, that is. Apparently it was a very good game. My husband was quite excited by it and I heard him say "I am Batman" no fewer than 1736 times (give or take a grand - not including what he emailed me as well). And while I have heard this statement less than a handful of times with this new Batman I know he is enjoying it as well (perhaps announcing this statement has lost its thrill).

Will the real Batman please stand up?

And I have to admit that one of the reasons I fell in love with my husband is because he definitely embraced the kid inside himself (while still being a responsible adult, of course). Even though I rolled my eyes at him 1735 out of 1736 times he said "I am Batman" I also couldn't help but chuckle. He sure keeps me laughing a lot.

See? Laughing.

Oh, looks like Jesse is done with Batman for the night. Perhaps I will snuggle in bed with him and read a few more pages of the Hunger Games. : )

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