Friday, January 6, 2012


So I've created another chore for myself. It's not something that needs to be done like bathing or grocery shopping. And it's not really one of those things like cleaning that should be done, but you can get away without doing it for stretches of time. I mean, it is like that, but not exactly. It's writing. Yeah, writing. You may say "but you write here, Jo" and, of course, you'd be correct. Part of the reason I started this blog was as an outlet for writing. It might not always be that great of writing, but I assume most people can stomach to read one of my posts. I will also be the first to admit that many of my posts are more pictures than writing so I'm not sure it truly satisfies as a writing outlet as I thought it might.

Recently a friend introduced me to 750 Words. What is 750 Words, you ask? A site that is focuses on helping you write every day. You go to the site, write 750 (or more) words about whatever you want. It's private so you don't have to worry about what others will think. You can write in complete rambling fashion or write the word "pickle" 750 times and you will meet your goal for the day. The site really encourages you try write at least 750 words EVERY DAY. To do so they give you points for writing - although it appears that these points don't get you anything except internal satisfaction.  But they drive you to write (you get extra points if you write on consecutive days... kinda like bowling a strike after getting a spare). It also provides you with a ton of metadata (using such tools as Regressive Imagery Dictionary, and the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count system) so you get feedback to understand your writing (and you get to compare your stats to the 'average' person).

So while I am very excited to have found this site... and I have written every day since finding it... I am a little hesitant to take on something that feels like an obligation or a chore. I am going to do my best not to think of it in those terms as it really had been freeing to just write. So far I've tried to think of one thing that might interest me that day. I start writing... and it keeps flowing. And I easily go over the 750 word mark. Sure, it might not make me a better writer. It may just be a place that I can dump all the extra stuff that gets jumbled in my head and I'm ok with that. As far as I can see it will benefit me one way or another. That's the point, isnt' it?

Ps. This post is NOT 750 words.

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