Saturday, January 7, 2012

Merry Christmas again... sorta

This past weekend we had a couple opportunities to exchange more Christmas gifts. My birth dad, Leo (I'm adopted) has been trying to coordinate a day and he and his family could all come visit us. They live a couple hours away so it was nice that they made the trek up to see us on Saturday. (We're still working on Riley tolerating car rides - some days are better than others.) Leo came with his wife, Debbie; my birth siblings, Lindsey and Derek; and their respective spouses, Jeremiah and Tara. It's been quite some time since I saw them in person so it was nice to see them even if it was only for a couple hours.

Most of my life I haven't been able to look at another person and see me. My mom and dad (the people that adopted me) had features similar to me, but I could never say "I have my dad's nose"... but now I can. The first time I saw a picture of someone who resembled me was when I was in my 30's. Finally. It was pretty cool. I always thought the first time I would experience that would be looking at my child, but it turns out that when she finally came around she looks just like her daddy. Lindsey (above) and I share different mom's, but we look a lot alike. The cheeks, the crease down our nose (affectionately known as 'butt crack' nose), our worry lines...

Riley got a couple more gifts from our visitors. She had a fun time playing with her new grocery scanner set, but needs a little time to warm up to the doll with the big blinking eyes. Riley's never been a huge milk drinker, but has become a little milk junkie lately and was asking for it above. See the blur around her hand? That's the shakes from not having enough milk to her liking... I'm sure.

For most people this picture won't make sense, but I had to include it. Derek, keep your feet to yourself.  You're grossing out your sister. Nothing more to say about that.

Riley was a little hesitant about getting too close to all these people she wasn't very familiar with, but Lindsey figured out a way to get Riley to sit on her lap... she showed her pictures on her phone. That kid likes her pictures, especially ones that include her in it. It took her awhile, but in the end Riley gave everyone a hug and kiss goodbye when they left.

This picture is pretty amazing... first and only shot and everyone looks great. It's like a miracle occurred. A big thanks for the gifts and the visit. Hope to see everyone again soon.

On Sunday I went to my mom's nursing home to visit with her and my dad. My sister, Judy, happened to be visiting so we got to catch up with her as well. This was the first time I was able to see my dad since mid-December. The stomach flu ran through my mom's nursing home twice and my dad spends a portion of each day there so he was concerned he could have the bug too. Finally, we had the all clear so we could not only visit, but I could finally give my dad his Christmas gift.

Every year I make my dad a calendar with family photos. He always posts it in my mom's room at the nursing home so everyone can see the pictures.

I also made my dad a bunch of food. He has pretty much everything he needs and then some so I know he appreciates the food (at least I hope he does). I made him some meatloaf with lots of onions, Easy Crockpot Fiesta Chicken, Banana bread, and some nuts. Ok, so I didn't make the nuts... but you get the idea.

I totally forgot that I was going to put this outfit on Riley the day before because Leo and Debbie bought it for her last year. She was really excited about putting the tutu on herself - I didn't have to help at all, but then she wanted it off. OFF. After awhile she apparently forgot about it - plus I pulled her shirt over it a little bit so she wasn't reminded about it constantly.

Now Christmas is over. Oh wait, I still have one more gift I need to drop off to my friend, Josie. Every year I get Josie Almond Roca... except last year when I bought it, but never got it over to Josie's... and it ended up in my belly. It would be a shame for that to happen again. : )


  1. This is awesome! And we all had a great time visiting up there, thank you. Hopefully we'll get to see you guys more often :)

  2. Would love to see you guys more often... wish we lived closer.

  3. Thanks for including us Jo! Love the photos and so happy to see my brothers feet again... lol


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