Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I was looking through some recent pictures I took and realized I'd like to share them, but really don't have a  topic to write about that would tie them all together. So I shall proceed with a very random post.

Here my child lovingly demonstrates her solidarity with the cat by eating with him. We are pretty inconsistent about eating together as a family (something I would love to do more often) so perhaps she is sending us a message here "you won't eat with me, then I'll eat with the cat".

I got this owl t-shirt for Riley for Christmas. She was obsessed with owls for awhile so I thought this would be the perfect item for her. Turns out as soon as I hit 'submit' and ordered the shirt owls went out of fashion with her. Oh, she still likes them, but her love for them has waned a bit.

This was the first time I gave her pizza (I also fed her apple slices for those food police type people). She loved the pizza and proceeded to get it everywhere but her white shirt which was AMAZING. At any rate, I walked out of the room for a moment only to come back to this scene - foot on tray. Guess she was done with her food and just wanted to touch her toes.

Another trip to the Children's Museum. There was a new exhibit that revolved around books. She absolutely loved it, of course. This was the first display we came to. When you opened the doors music played. Here she is clapping and dancing to the music. It was a little hard to convince her that there were other things to check out as she found this so awesome.

Later at the museum we checked out the water area. Nothing that exciting happened here except that she had fun and looked cute in her pigtails.

First official ponytail. On the back on her head, that is. I've been debating whether to get her hair cut or let it grow some more. Her hair is still pretty fine, but seems to be thickening up. Her hair is nothing like my thick, wavy hair, but perhaps mine wasn't either at that age.

New Year's Eve dinner from Christos Greek Restaurant. We thought about going there with Riley, but she seemed pretty wound up. I knew that we wouldn't be able to enjoy our meal there so we ordered it to go. This worked out way better. Riley got to run around and play once she ate and we didn't have to pay for spendy wine at a restaurant. The food turned out perfect. They really do have the best Greek food around.

So that pretty much sums up some of the random moments of the last couple weeks. Christmas and New Years are done, but my 40th and Riley's 2nd birthdays are right around the corner. More fun to come...

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